There’s no doubt the pandemic has changed our lives. All industries and fields have been affected in some way, including the Food & Beverage industry. While many of its sectors have thrived, there are a few that haven’t been able to keep up. Corporate catering had built its way up to success until the coronavirus forced its halt. This type of catering is considered exclusive for corporate gatherings and consists of various choices from providing morale-boosting healthy meals for your employees to the all-time favourite buffets.  

Gourmand by Esseplore 

Gourmand by Esseplore aims to change business catering to fit corporate culinary needs in the digital age. It is a specially designed culinary experience for all corporate gatherings. With a community of private home chefs working from our well-equipped cloud kitchen, our ready-to-eat gourmet feasts help in enhancing communication at business events by providing unparalleled delicious food and services. The curated meals are prepared and supervised by Esseplore’s Executive Chef and Head Culinary Innovations & Operations KT Yeo.  

One of his many specialties includes Japanese cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the concept of the Japanese bento box and its visual appeal, along with the need to create easy-to-eat food, Esseplore uses ergonomically designed wooden boxes that can also be reused by consumers. Chef KT, along with Esseplore, openly advocate the use the sustainable ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging – all Esseplore packaging is made from recyclable material. The ingredients for the Urbane Gourmand menus are meticulously selected from trusted local vendors. The Esseplore chefs do not compromise on the quality and freshness of ingredients and always look for sustainable options. The Otoro is one of the highlights of the Omakase menu. Referring to the Japanese term for the belly of the tuna fish, the Otoro is not only the most desired portion of the fish but also the fattiest and most tender, obtained from 100% sustainable bluefin tuna.   

As is with corporate catering, the Gourmand menus have also been carefully designed by the chefs to provide temperature-sensitive meals keeping in mind the dietary requirements of a working person. However, choosing Esseplore also see other benefits such as exclusive customisation options that include rebottled wine services, co-branding print services, and various design services like email, invitation, and menu design.  

Food plays a major role in improving employee morale at corporate events, and taste can influence their moods. Gourmand is perfect for all corporate functions for its exceptional taste, striking presentation, and eco-friendly mindset.

What does this do for me?  

Virtual meetings may be in for the long haul. With the uncertainty of the current situation, there’s no telling when the large-scale gathering will be a safe option. Keeping that in mind, Esseplore’s Gourmand hopes to transform how virtual meetings are conducted.

Virtual events can be more challenging than physical ones. To prevent them from getting monotonous, Gourmand helps you create personalised meeting experiences by integrating gourmet meals to make your virtual gatherings stand out. Our well-coordinated food delivery service enables us to take on multiple locations nationwide in time for your event.

Enhance community bonding among your employees or participants through the power of food. Position your virtual gatherings as memorable discussions with Gourmand.

To know more about our corporate catering services, check our Gourmand by Esseplore!

*this post has been updated since August, 2020.

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