Live well, eat well

We believe in bringing the restaurant to you.

Just like Bill Gates once said, the world needs banking but it does not need banks.

At Esseplore we say, we need great gourmet food but not just from restaurants. We are here to develop a vibrant food ecosystem enabled by digital technology to bring you the best gourmet experience.

Our talented chefs bring forth a unique experience with a plethora of different cuisines designed to excite your taste buds at the comfort of your home or at corporate meetings.

Esseplore – Reimagine Gourmet.

The Ultimate Gourmet Dining

For the epicure in you, Esseplore gives you an authentic experience from every part of Singapore.

Curated Culinary Experiences

All menus have been curated for customers, along with specially designed stylish eco-friendly packaging to elevate your journey into the culinary world.

Unsurpassed Quality

Our chefs only use premium ingredients freshly sourced from local vendors. Many of the spices and sauces are prepared from scratch for the best taste.

Top-grade Chefs

Our chefs have been meticulously chosen after meeting our standards of quality, food preparation, and flavour. Get a chance to know who is preparing your food with Singapore’s best speciality and local chefs.

A Myriad of Flavours

Creativity and the ability to reinvent dishes are unique qualities we look for in chefs. We aim to bring you riveting menus filled with diverse tastes to broaden your culinary horizons.

For the best,

by the best

Under the guidance of Chef KT Yeo, Executive Chef and Head Culinary Innovation and Operations at Esseplore, our team of speciality, and local chefs assure only the highest culinary standards.



Culinary Solutions for Your Business Endeavours.


Bringing the Gourmet to You.

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Reimagine exquisite gourmet food and fine dining experience with Esseplore.

At Esseplore Singapore, we craft each gastronomic journey with a rich fine dining experience at the comfort of your own homes, letting you enjoy gourmet food, customisable menus, elegant table decor and more delivered to you from lunch/dinner dates, hybrid virtual wedding to business virtual meetings.

With our goal of re-inventing the fine-dining industry with technology, our virtual assistant, ROS, settles gourmet food for virtual meetings for you – from coordination to delivery!

Don’t miss out our hire a private chef service which is available both at your home or at our private home dining space at 107 McNair to host both social gatherings & business meetings.

If you an epicure with extraordinary cooking skills and looking to start your home-based business to pursue your home chef dreams, contact us today to find out more & join our Esseplore family!

Bringing you a truly one of a kind & riveting culinary experience – Esseplore