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Integrate your virtual meetings with mealtime effortlessly with Gourmand.

Gourmet Catering Solutions for Modern Event Demands

Forming personal connections over virtual meetings can be challenging, but delicious food can help break the ice and boost collaboration.
We believe virtual events can be transformed with the right meal

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Our exceptional Gourmand menus are crafted by our distinguished chefs using premium ingredients, presented in stylish bento boxes, and delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore, hot & ready-to-eat!

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  • Individual feasts
  • Exquisite menus
  • Global cuisines
  • Keepsake eco-friendly boxes
  • Name card & packaging label customisation
  • Multi-location island-wide delivery

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Do I need to choose from any of the menus on your website?

Yes, our customers need to choose their menus from the available ones on our wesbite.  

Do you accomodate meal preferences in your menu selections?

Our virtual assistant, ROS, is able to assist you through the different steps of placing your order. It allows you to pick your meal offerings from a wide selection of gourmet choices within your specified budget and coordinates meal preferences, deliveries, tracking attendance and payment. Learn more about ROS here.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order for our Gourmand menus is 10 boxes per menu choice.