So, this is Christmas, the best time of the year!

We are right in the middle of October, a good two months away from Christmas, and all the stores have begun to fill up with the spirit of Christmas.  It is a season that’s important and very special, it can take months of planning to make it perfect, because Christmas isn’t just for an hour or a day, it’s a season.  A season of giving, of love and togetherness with friends and family. Therefore, it is sensible to plan to make the best of shopping deals and ease out into the preparation to avoid oversights or huge blunders. Preparing for Christmas can be super fun if you do it with foresight and planning.

“you better watch out, you better not cry’’

Why should you prepare early for Christmas?


Most families begin thinking about Christmas around this time.  Who’s going to host the Christmas party?  What date to fix for the cake mixing?  What gifts to buy for friends and family?  Who to invite and what should be on the menu?  So many questions, so many things to do, if things are left for the last minute, it could turn out to be a very stressful season.  Since it is a much-loved season, knowing how to prepare and what to prepare for will make the season a memorable one.  

“Santa Claus is coming to town”

How to Prepare for Christmas:

  1. Plan your finances

Before making plans for Christmas, plan your finances and create a budget.  It would be a wise thing to do, so that preparations can be planned sensibly.  A list of things required would make the whole process easier.  This would certainly avoid unnecessary splurges which are quite common during festivals.

  1. Start filling in your calendar

The month of December and the days before Christmas can be maddening.  If you don’t have anything planned, it can be chaotic and it can lead to missing out on important events. Scheduling dates can also help prioritise events according to importance.  This will give a macro view of the season and help with menu planning as well for any family gatherings as well.  For example, ordering a turkey in advance would be a good idea.   Even jotting down tiny details as when you will pick up the turkey or which shop to get the other ingredients from will help to celebrate a more organised Christmas.  For busy bodies who cannot make large scale preparations, ordering in advance can ease out the burden of planning. Companies like Esseplore Singapore have designed a Feast Box for Christmas, which is filled with an interesting platter that is bound to impress guests. 

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  1. Decide which party you want to host

Hosting a party on Christmas could be difficult if not planned earlier.  People usually plan to be with close friends, family or host a party themselves. Do you want to host the party on Christmas eve, the Christmas lunch or pre-Christmas dinner.  Whatever it is, it is always better to send out an early invite so people will be able to tell you in advance whether they can schedule in your party or not.  Esseplore has planned meals for a group of 5 or 10, so order your meals in advance after you have confirmed the number of people attending.  This option works well even if you plan to spend Christmas in the office.  Esseplore’s Christmas Feast Box and the Gourmand Feast Box are presented in an elegant, efficient packing. It is compatible with an office environment so that employees can eat without worrying about making a mess.  

Also try to make a list of all the other things required for the party, it will help in having an efficient Christmas season.  It would be nice to get to know your guests better before they come, so find out about food preference, food allergies or any other special requirements.

“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock!”

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  1. Start present shopping early

A big part about Christmas is getting the presents in order. Indulging in some smart shopping by listing down sales in your neighbourhood can allow for some thought to be put into buying gifts for family.  Getting ahead will make you more organised than about 90% of the population.  In fact, October is the perfect month to start stocking up on presents.  Make a list of people who must be gifted and choose gifts carefully.  When you know what to buy, taking advantage of sales becomes easier.  It also helps getting out your presents on time and you could never miss out on pampering the right people during a festive season.

“Silver bells, Silver bells, it’s Christmas time in the city”

  1. List down all the food offers in the market

A lot of companies start planning their product offerings for Christmas by October/ November.   If you really want to have the best for your Christmas party, start researching early for the best food meal plans / combos that are being offered.  There are companies like Esseplore that offer several combinations of meal plans for Christmas.  For example, Esseplore has already put their Christmas Feast box and Gourmand Christmas Gift box on the market with some amazing offers.  Food plays a central role during a festive season.  Food draws people together, it serves as a good icebreaker to network with relatives you haven’t seen the whole year.  Food creates memories and builds nostalgia.  But most importantly good food triggers all those happy hormones!  So, planning food for your Christmas this year is a sure way to happiness.  

“Soon it will be Christmas day”

How about a BBQ party this Christmas?

  1. Plan the details

If you want to have a classy affair at home, then planning should get into the nitty gritty of everything like silverware, glassware, and ambience. It is important to find harmony in the details.  Deciding on ambience can help make smart choices with décor, flowers, candles, lighting, or music.   These choices can be based on the kind of ambience you choose from cosy, formal, informal, or glamourous.  

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly”

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For some, Christmas is the spirit of giving and just being together. For others, it can be a fancier affair.  Whatever kind of Christmas you choose to have, Esseplore has a whole variety of gifts and meal plans you could use to pamper yourself and loved ones.  Start preparing for that perfect Christmas today. 

“All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”

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