Looking for something new to spice up the weekend? Whether you’re feeling adventurous or wish to enjoy local flavours, get sumptuous local chef-prepared feasts from a range of authentic cuisines, including Peranakan, Indian, Mediterranean, and more, delivered to you anywhere in Singapore. Here are ten gourmet food menus by Esseplore’s chefs that are a MUST-TRY.

1. Claypot Lobster Feast: Succulent Lobster in Slurp-Worthy Broth

Claypot Lobster Feast by Wendy Quek with Succulent Lobster in Slurp-worthy Broth

Claypot Lobster Feast by Chef Wendy Quek (feast for 4 persons)

This Claypot Lobster Bee Hoon feast by Chef Wendy Quek is one of Esseplore‘s bestselling menus, earning raving reviews. Her rendition of this popular Singaporean dish is packed with natural flavours. The highlight is the whole succulent lobster that deliciously complements the chewy bee hoon noodles and slurp-worthy broth. You could even add some tasty clams or juicy jumbo prawns to elevate your meal. If you’re craving local Singaporean flavours, this is the feast for you.

2. Santorini Extravagance: Generous Serving of Greek Mediterranean Cuisine  

Chicken Souvlaki with Pita and Tzatziki

Santorini Extravagance by Chef Divya Bakshi (feast for 2-4 persons)

If you’re in the mood to explore this weekend, travel on a gastronomical journey to Greece with home Chef Divya Bakshi. Her Mediterranean food is packed with delicious fresh produce and herbs, showcasing classic Greek flavours and extraordinary recipes like the traditional eggplant-baked Moussaka and the famous Souvlaki-style Chicken Skewers. Enjoy it with soft pita bread and four different Mediterranean dips: roasted red capsicum Muhammara, creamy chickpea spread Hummus, chargrilled eggplant-based Baba Ghanoush, and the refreshing cucumber-yoghurt spread Tzatziki that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a Mediterranean restaurant.  

3. Buttery Alaskan Crab: Mouth-watering, Creamy and Rich King Crab

Gourmet food Alaskan King Crab in special sauce by Chef KT Yeo

Buttery Alaskan King Crabs by Chef KT Yeo (feast for 4 to 6 persons)

Add a little luxury to your table with this crustacean. The Alaskan King Crab seems delicate but is unparalleled in flavour. Not only is it one of the largest crabs in the world, but its rich and tender meat make it an unforgettable experience. Esseplore’s Executive Chef KT Yeo has curated the best way to enjoy this protein-rich crab. He cooks the large meaty crab legs till it is tender, then stews it in his secret buttery sauce to bring out its natural umami. The bold flavours of the sauce perfectly complement the creamy flesh of the crab, which is served with a sprinkle of freshly squeezed lemon juice for an added burst of flavour.

4. Western Truffle Delight: Tender and Juicy Chicken with Bursts of Truffle

No growth hormones Gourmet chicken with truffle

Western Truffle Delight by Chef Bryan Chong (feast for 2 to 4 persons)

If you’re looking for a safe meal that feels luxurious, you can’t go wrong with this feast. Chef Bryan Chong’s Truffle Sakura Chicken is the ultimate gourmet comfort food. Using free-range sakura chicken, which is brined for 4 hours with hints of black truffle, he perfectly combines the natural flavours of meat with the earthy taste of the fragrant truffle to create a simple yet flavourful meal. Since sakura chickens are reared in a hygienic environment without any growth hormones or antibiotics, their flesh is more tender, juicy and succulent.

5. A Truly Peranakan Feast: Authentic Peranakan Food Made with Treasured Family Recipes

Family recipe Curry Fish Head by Peranakan home chefs

A Nonya Delight by Chefs Alan & Christina (feast for 2 to 4 persons)

This six-course meal curated by power couple Peranakan Chefs Alan and Christina will leave you craving more. Their delicious Curry Fish Head, an almost-soupy dish, has been perfected by these chefs over the years. Made with the meaty Fresh Red Snapper fish head, the dish’s speciality is the spicy-tangy curry paste. Consisting of a unique blend of typical Nonya spices hand-pounded till smooth, this curry paste is an age-old family recipe passed down from generations. With such a visually appetising dish along with other vibrant nostalgic Peranakan dishes like the savoury Ayam Rendang and flavourful Hee Piow Soup at the centre of the table, you’ll have everyone’s attention in no time.

6. Kansas City-Style Smoked BBQ Feast: Finger-lickin’ Smoky Charred Pork Ribs

Authentic American BBQ pork ribs by Chef Jimmy Cheang

Kansas City-style Smoked BBQ Feast by Chef Jimmy Cheang (feast for 4 persons)

Missing barbecues but hate the toilsome cooking? Now you can have an indoor BBQ with this good ol’ fashioned American feast. Kansas-city trained pitmaster Chef Jimmy Cheang uses his expertise and mastery of the smoking technique to bring you this smokin’ hot menu. He uses food-grade fruitwood to add a unique smokey aroma to enhance the flavours of the meat. The yummy smoked sides greatly complement the main event: Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs where he coats the imported pork spare ribs with his special dry rub overnight, smokes it with American applewood and glazes it with his secret 14-ingredient Smoque BBQ sauce. The result is juicy meat from the best pork ribs that are easily pulled off the fleshy bone.

7. The Kovai Virundu: Authentic Food from This Cosmopolitan Tamil Nadu City

Rare in Singapore, Aromatic Biryani from Coimbatore

The Kovai Virundu by Chef Bhuvana Andrew (feast for 2 to 4 persons)

The food in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is known for being just like the city, traditional and cosmopolitan. In Chef Bhuvana Andrew’s authentic feast from ‘Kovai’, as the locals call it, her goal is to depict the cuisine’s versatility and complexity of flavours. From the refreshing Pomegranate Chickpea Salad appetiser to the Creamy Pumpkin Twist dessert, this menu is packed with innovative Kovai flavours and a little touch of the chef’s nutritious charm. Showing Coimbatore’s nature in her Aromatic Chicken Biryani, she uses key spices from various biryani styles to create her own using a blend of flavourful ‘Kovai’ spices.  

8. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall: Luxurious Chinese Soup To Soothe Your Soul

Gourmet food Buddha Jumps Over The Wall by Chef KT Yeo

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall by Chef KT Yeo (feast for 2 to 6 persons)

This aromatic, nutritious pot filled with a variety of tasty ingredients like abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, quail eggs, shiitake mushrooms, pork trotter and more. It is delivered in a cute keepsake clay pot and served with perfectly steamed jasmine rice and sauteed vegetables. What makes this Chinese delicacy unique is not its time-consuming preparation but how Esseplore’s Executive Chef KT Yeo skillfully retains its original taste of this 100-year-old recipe after eliminating the controversial ingredient shark fin.  

9. Baba Nyonya Delicacy: Traditional Nyonya Feast Full of Exploding Flavours  

Authentic Peranakan Ayam Babi Buah keluak

Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (feast for 4 persons)

Here’s another wholesome Peranakan meal delivery to enjoy a nostalgic time with your family. Peranakan best friends Juliana and Florence began their culinary journey with one goal in mind: to re-introduce authentic ‘nonya-licious’ food. This menu consists of classic festive dishes reminiscent of Peranakan cooking ideals with intense and meticulous preparation. Recipes such as Tu Thor Th’ng Pepper Pork Ribs and Pig Maw Soup where the pig maw is skillfully deodorised, or the Ayam Babi Buah Keluak, an heirloom recipe that requires Buah Keluak nuts to be individually picked, soaked and cracked open, are strenuous. Despite the time-consuming work, both chefs agree that the authenticity of flavour makes everything worth it.  

10. Dine with the Chettiars: Taste the Distinct Hand-Pounded Spices of Chettinad

Esseplore Chef Latha's homecooked Chettinad Spicy Fried Fish

Dine like the Chettiars by Chef Latha Chandrasekaran (feast for 2 to 4 persons)

If you haven’t experienced the savoury flavours of Chettinad, you are missing out! The Chettinad cuisine is famous all over India for its use of freshly pounded spices, sun-dried vegetables and complex flavours. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in Chef Latha Chandrasekaran’s authentic menu. Enjoy one of Chettinad’s famous dishes with her Chettinad Curry Chicken, a flavourful chicken curry with freshly prepared black pepper masala. The core of this dish is the black peppercorns. The authenticity of the dish’s taste depends on its freshness. Another dish that highlights the seafood of this region is Kara Meen Varuval or Spicy Fried Fish, using pan-fried kingfish with distinct spicy flavours only available on the Chettinad coastline.

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