Every gastronome dreams of visiting Singapore. But let’s face it, dining out is never going to be the same again. Social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands more times have slowly become a norm. Restaurateurs believe that dining out will not be completely wiped out, and restaurants have been putting up a fair fight. However, trying to cope with the pandemic has brought out growth opportunities no one saw coming outside the walls of the restaurant, like gourmet dining at home.

Gourmet Dining at Home 

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Food delivery services were on a steady rise even before the pandemic. Though affected, they bounced back quickly by adopting compulsory safety measures for kitchen and delivery staff.

Fine dining establishments have also come a long way since the coronavirus outbreak. Many gourmet restaurants and private catering businesses have successfully incorporated this delivery model into their daily operations. This new perspective came with struggles. Restaurateurs were forced to explore outside their comfort zones. This includes designing menus with time-sensitive ingredients, presentation and packaging, reliable and efficient delivery services and more.

The public has embraced the idea of enjoying a curated gourmet food at home. By letting customers take part in crafting this culinary experience to suit their tastes, a unique gastronomical journey at home is quite enticing.    

Esseplore Gourmet Dining

A pioneer in re-imagining the gourmet food experience, Esseplore provides the option of enjoying authentic gourmet feasts with partners, friends, and family at home. At a time when local businesses and culinary entrepreneurs were struggling, FeastBox by Esseplore was launched to aid and support specialty & private chefs, and also encourage locals to stand in support of their fellow Singaporeans.

With a diverse team of skilled chefs helmed by Executive Chef and Head of Culinary Innovations & Operations KT Yeo, Esseplore brings you gourmet meals from local & global cuisines right to your doorstep. These gourmet feasts are great way to experience different food cultures in the comforts of your home. And with FeastBox, you can trust that there are no preservatives, food colourants, additives, MSG, or instant mixes; only fresh ingredients & authentic flavours.

Looking for gourmet fine dining at home? Experience local chef-prepared gourmet food with FeastBox by Esseplore!

*this post has been updated since October, 2020 

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