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Looking for an unforgettable experience for your guests? We delivers the best possible culinary experience to you.

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Business Gourmand – Omakase (Tokujou Wagyu) – $89.90 w/GST per box

A Japanese set centred around the natural flavours of the snow aged A4 Wagyu beef – a Traditional Japanese method that makes the meat tender. 

New Omakase Otoro

Business Gourmand – Omakase (Otoro) – $89.90 w/GST per box

A traditional Japanese seafood set made with premium Japanese ingredients and certified sustainable tuna. 


Business Gourmand –  Little Nonya (小娘惹) – $69.90 w/GST per box

A piquant Peranakan menu of bold flavours and distinct spices prepared by Esseplore’s chefs, specially curated for sophisticated palates. 


Business Gourmand – The Royale Halal – $69.90 w/GST per box

A decorous halal menu with bold flavours and the right amount of spice specially curated for sophisticated palates


Business Gourmand – Atlantic Delicacy – $69.90 w/GST per box

An irresistible arrangement of distinct European flavours with robust tastes and exquisite pairings guaranteed to excite your palate.


Business Gourmand ‐ The Botanic – $69.90 w/GST per box

An alluring menu of fragrant recipes with a rich profusion of new, complex, and distinctly vegetarian flavours. 


Business Gourmand – Contemporary Locavore – $69.90 w/GST per box

A meticulously curated menu combining diverse Asian flavours with different cooking styles.


Business Gourmand ‐ The Botanic – $69.90 w/GST per box

An alluring menu of fragrant recipes with a rich profusion of new, complex, and distinctly vegetarian flavours. 


Have a corporate meeting coming up? Virtual or not, we can deliver.

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Transform Your Corporate Events with the Gourmet Factor

Conduct Sales meetings, Team building activities, Training programs, Corporate celebrations hassle-free with Gourmand from Esseplore.

Gourmand by Esseplore is a specially designed culinary experience for all corporate gatherings. With a community of private chefs working from our speciality cloud kitchen led by Executive Chef KT, our ready-to-eat gourmet feasts aim to enhance communication by providing unparalleled delicious food and services.


What We Offer

Delicious bites

An enhanced culinary experience with a variety of finger food, find the perfect menu for your virtual corporate events.

Quality Above All

Our curated menus use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and state-of-the-art kitchen equipment.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Excellent eco-friendly and premium packaging ensuring your meals remain hot.

Singapore-wide Delivery

Select delivery options that allow you to enjoy your feasts at your workplace or your home for virtual meetings.

Some of our esteemed clients



Kian Tiong Yeo is a highly accomplished chef and restaurateur in Singapore. A graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy with multiple accolades, he has perfected French, Italian, Cantonese and Japanese cuisines, and pioneered some of the most well-known restaurants. Currently, he is Esseplore’s Executive Chef and Head of Dining Services where he curates and manages Gourmand.

Chef KT folding arms and wearing essplore's chef uniform
What They’re Saying

Great presentation, prompt delivery, and the food was yum.
The service crew were great and helpful, able to turn over for a last-minute request.

Wang Siew Ping, BlackStoneYear-end Festive Feast

It’s all about the quality and experience, and you guys are ⭐️I think there will be a lot more orders in the future🥳

Trisha Ching, Standard CharteredOmakase (Otoro)

Quality of the food is nice. The beef quality is quite nice, love the flavour. Tataki is soft and the texture is nice.

Chua Kian Hao, AIAOmakase (Tokujou Wagyu)

The food is good, even my boss said so😊 The presentation of the meal and the paper bag packaging is good too. I didn’t expect it!

Sharon Tan, SUTD - Office of Advancement & Development, Singapore University of Technology and DesignOmakase (Otoro)

My staff had nothing but compliments for the food. Also, the delivery was so prompt. All of us received the food in time for our event at 6 pm with ample time to spare. Thank you very much, Team Esseplore, for the wonderful service and food.

Joyce Quek, HR & Admin ManagerOmakase (Otoro)

I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging, it's really nice. Unpacking process was great, so many things to look at and eat. I appreciate the different textures & flavours, they complimented each other. Octopus was chewy, vegetables were refreshing. Everything was very well put together.

Tammie Kang, Drew & NapierOmakase (Otoro)

I got joy from eating. Great surprise within the food. Great effort. Some items were a bit salty, but overall I liked it.

Jane Lee, Drew & NapierOmakase (Tokujou Wagyu)

The ingredients look of great quality. A lot of options, presentation was fine but portion can be improved. It was my first time eating tuna collar and it was great.

Renee Khor, OUE LimitedOmakase (Otoro)

Beautiful presentation. Quality of the food is nice. Quantity is great, I was very full.

Serene Teh, AIAOmakase (Otoro)

Presentation is fantastic. Food is very nice, looks very atas and so yummy! Delivery is timely too.
Will definitely refer and recommend Gourmand by Esseplore to any in need of such.

T. S. K., Alliance Organisation

Added spice to an otherwise hard-nosed business meeting. Menu was thoughtfully put together and presented in an elegant manner. Sustainability was also highlighted in choice of ingredients & cutlery.

Dr Lee Kwok Chong, Independent Director on Nera Telecommunications Board of DirectorsOmakase (Otoro)

It was 😋 delicious!

LBC, SGXOmakase (Otoro)

Excellent food!

YPO Petrus Forum

Thank you so much for your support! Delivery was smooth and food was amazing.
Clients' feedback was positive. One client requested to only use Esseplore moving forward! Look forward to working with you all for our upcoming events!

Benedict Moh, Saxo Markets

The food is very well presented with nice packaging, and the taste is great. Our colleagues are very delighted and enjoyed the lunch very much. Thank you for making this event happen despite the short notice.

Jasmine Poon, R&MExecutive Gourmand – Washoku (和食)

Thank you for your kind assistance on the day. The mochi is really delicious! The wooden box packaging with the food is nice! Overall it was a successful dinner and I certainly look forward to working with you in the near future!

Christopher Chua, IE PlannerExecutive Gourmand – Washoku (和食)

Excellent Omakase set and beautiful presentation. Thank you for the care and concern for the quality of food. Thoroughly enjoyed our lunch!

Joanne HorDBS Bank