Christmas is a beautiful time of the year.  Everyone loves Christmas because it is a time for togetherness and love.  It is that time of the year that brings out the best in everybody. A season when people pamper their loved ones or employees with attention, gifts, and delicious food.  A lot of people go out of their way to create opportunities to bring people together, indulging in delicious home-cooked meals.  Now, if you want to have a fun-filled Christmas and have your home or office filled with lots of friends, laughter, and great food, Esseplore has a few ideas to help you spread the spirit of Christmas.

Here are 3 ways to network this Christmas, some really fabulous ideas that we have put together so you can mingle and work at the same time.  These ideas work for the corporate honcho, the busy executive and even for super moms. Indulge and get creative with the festive spirit while we at Esseplore will take care of all your food needs. 

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  • Dance around the Christmas tree

Setting up the Christmas tree at home or office is an important step towards bringing in the Christmas spirit.  The size of the Christmas tree is not important.  Most people set up their trees sometime in November and the very busy ones procrastinate till the last minute, missing out on some fabulous sales deals.  A great way to partake in the spirit of Christmas and friendship is to plan small little details ahead of time.  Choose a date, prepare the names of friends / employees who would enjoy this kind of evening and most importantly get the music right.   Some popular Christmas songs we recommend are Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano, Santa tell me by Ariana Grande, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Michael Buble or Last Christmas by Wham.  Many corporates are using this as an opportunity to bring co-workers together in a spirit of bonding and community, believing it paves the way for better interpersonal relationships and communication at work.  So, don’t hesitate to dance around the Christmas tree, it’s a carefree Christmas season as we at Esseplore do all the cooking for you.  

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  • Mixing of cake 

The mixing of the dry fruits for the Christmas cake is an important event for those who take celebrating Christmas seriously.   If you are a veteran at cake mixing, then it would be a good idea to gather a few friends and make it an occasion to remember.  If you haven’t done it before, then you should make Christmas of 2022, the season for your first ‘mixing of cake’ evening.  All you need to do is make a list of the required ingredients for the cake mixing, invite friends over and introduce them to different ways of celebrating Christmas.  Generally, for cake mixing you would need some dry fruits like raisins, dates, some orange peels, maybe some dried apricots, cranberries, and some cherries.  This is a good event to plan for the office too, employees would really have a blast mixing while networking with their colleagues.  If you want to end the evening on a high note, then order in the authentic Texas/ Kansas barbecue from Esseplore, it comes packed in tidy exquisite boxes and are perfect for the corporate setting.  Don’t hesitate to mix that Christmas cake!

An attractive combo for some of the most important people in your life

  • Deck the hall with boughs of holly

Christmas deco is an essential part of Christmas to bring in the Christmas spirit.   It is a good excuse to make it a celebration. Putting up Christmas decorations can be a fun event instead of a chore, if it is planned well.  It can be made into an evening of celebration with lots of good food and good company.  Employees can come together to build team spirit while they deck the hall with boughs of holly!

Plan for your party now!

All these events can make into successful evenings that will always be remembered by colleagues or friends if it is planned with care.  It is important to source the right food in time so that you can avail of some interesting options on the market.  Esseplore has designed some interesting festive menus to help you network your way through this season with ease.  Among our endless list of Christmas meals are the popular and in-demand Gourmand Christmas box and the Christmas Feast box.  Our brand, Smokehse too has some delicious meals planned this festive season! We want to make sure that our customers can dance around the Christmas tree with abandon while decking the halls with boughs of holly.  This Christmas let your hair down, we have everything under control.


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