About Esseplore – Redefining Gourmet Food and Fine Dining Experience

Esseplore is a tech-enabled food and travel company on a mission to re-engineer how gourmet food is experienced by corporates and consumers. We curate and work with our speciality chef community to produce gourmet food for our customers. While our initial market is Singapore, our ambition is to replicate the same experience with hassle-free services for consumers and businesses across Asia.

Launched in 2018, we have developed a digital platform that brings chefs together to provide a unique culinary experience to our customers.

At our core, we are a technology company that is disrupting the industry with cutting-edge software and operational concepts. This way, culinary experiences meet technology, and we lovingly mix the two to create the best gourmet experiences for our customers.

Our Core Principles

Integrity and Ethics

We believe in doing the right thing in a fair, honest and responsible way.


We believe in treating our employees with respect and giving them a safe environment to work in.


We focus on constantly brining new ideas into our products – our teams should think innovation and not limitation – and propel ahead to integrate new ideas into our offerings.


We are looking to improve what we do everyday – creating better and better experience for our customers.


Esseplore's Co-Founder & Advisor Eddie Chau

Eddie Chau

Co-Founder & Advisor

Eddie Chau is a serial entrepreneur, SCS IT Leader of the Year 2018, and an angel investor having founded, led and mentored a string of successful companies and exits. Fuelled by his great passion and curiosity to solve problems which affect business and our daily lives, Eddie has developed extensive hands-on experience in founding start-ups and has helped various companies grow at different phases. With over three decades of experience as a leader and pioneer in the region’s information technology and technopreneurship scene, Eddie is eagerly sought after for his leadership and vision, and currently holds and held several key positions from non-profit organisations, industry body, institutes of higher learning to government agencies.
Esseplore's Founder & Executive Chairman Sin Boon Ann

Sin Boon Ann

Founder & Executive Chairman

Mr Sin is an independent director in a number of listed companies in Singapore. He was a Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC for 15 years from 1996 to 2011. He was a former senior director of Drew & Napier LLC and a leading corporate lawyer. Mr Sin is a frequent traveller. His favourite past time is reading, playing golf and running.
Esseplore's Co-Founder & CEO Mui Hoon Poh

Mui Hoon Poh

Co-Founder & CEO

Mui Hoon is a digital economy leader with strong track record in building high-growth businesses across Asia Pacific. She had led various business electronic payments, e-commerce, systems integration and communications networks. Mui Hoon is passionate about driving product concepts to reality, building the organisation, and scaling businesses across territories.