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Schedule virtual meetings and pair them with exquisite gourmet meals with your new virtual assistant.

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Virtual meetings seem like an easy way to communicate with many people, but behind-the-scenes, it’s obviously a tedious and time-consuming process. To make it easier for you to focus on other tasks, we’re introducing ROS.  

ROS is a tech-driven virtual tool that allows you to arrange events without the hassle. It uses an intelligent algorithm to allocate meals to attendees and track every part of the typical organisation process including RSVPs and payment.

What does ROS do?

ROS allows you to pick meal offerings from a wide selection of gourmet choices within your specified budget and coordinates meal preferences, deliveries, tracking attendance and payment. 

ROS automatically sends e-invites to your participants and guides them to reserve their selected meal option. In case of any changes, ROS ensures seamless communication among involved parties.    

If needed, ROS can schedule Zoom conferences and send the respective links to you and your attendees with RSVPs and closing date reminders up to two hours of the meeting time.  

Elevate Your Virtual Events with Gourmet

Take your pick from delicious menus for a remarkable culinary journey exclusively curated for virtual events by our Executive Chef, KT Yeo. With our range of gourmet meals, enthrall your audience by giving them an unforgettable virtual dining experience.

How to use ROS

Choose your gourmet meals

Select your choice of meals, price range, event date and meal timing.

Enter the number of participants

Once you specify your pax count, Ros utilises an intelligence algorithm to suggest an allocation of your selected meal options based on your attendees.

Create the event

Enter the event details and add your invitees.

Focus on your best, and let ROS do the rest.

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