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For chefs driven by their love for cooking and passion for hosting, Esseplore empowers YOU to create amazing gastronomical experiences

Are you passionate about cooking? Do you have extraordinary cooking skills? Would you love to share your recipes with people while earning an income? Being a private chef can be challenging as you’d have to manage everything on your own – from preparing menus, getting publicity, to managing orders and delivery.

But at Esseplore, we can provide you the resources, training and support so that you can just focus on one thing – cooking.

Whether you’re a parent who savours cooking up a storm for their family, a working professional who takes pride in curating gourmet meals in their spare time, or an established chef with a reputation for hosting and satisfying taste buds, join Esseplore to accelerate your growth on your culinary journey.

Why become a Chef with Esseplore?


Flexible Schedule

Block out dates based on your availability. Get notified in advance for orders.


Full Support

We provide full support - marketing, logistics, resources, delivery - so that you may focus on what you do best - cooking!


More Customers

Reach a much larger base of customers than possible on your own.


Extra Income

Earn income from doing what you love.


Chef Branding

Build your own chef branding.


Vibrant Chef Community

Be a part of a great chef community, great culture.

Setting You Up For Success


Receive support and guidance from Executive Chef KT Yeo and our chef community!

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Build your own chef branding with resources provided for you 
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Coaching from Executive Chef KT
  • Supportive Chef Community
  • Access to ingredients at a lower price/access to otherwise unavailable ingredients
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  • App for easy schedule, order, payment and communication management
  • Central Kitchen
  • Ingredients Storage
Esseplore App For Easy Tracking
Of Orders and Earnings.
Coming Soon!
1. View all available & past fulfilled orders
2. Schedule upcoming orders according to your availability
3. Arrange orders for delivery
4. Check all your earnings anytime
5. Get access to resources - videos, tips, blogs
6. Book our central kitchen whenever you need it
7. View customers' reviews instantly

Esseplore App For Easy Tracking Of Orders and Earnings. Coming Soon!

1. View all available & past fulfilled orders
2. Schedule upcoming orders according to your availability
3. Arrange orders for delivery
4. Check all your earnings anytime
5. Get access to resources – videos, tips, blogs
6. Book our central kitchen whenever you need it
7. View customers’ reviews instantly

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How You Earn On Esseplore

FeastBox by Esseplore
Family feast delivery to homes.
Urbane Gourmand
Individual feast boxes delivery to offices or homes.
Home Dining
Dining at the homes of Chefs.
Esseplore Events
Partnership at events hosted by Esseplore.
Private Dining

Host customers at Esseplore’s private dining space.

Satellite Kitchen @ Esseplore

Be involved in feast preparation during peak period.

Let Our Chefs Do The Talking...

Chef Steve Yap
Chef Steve YapEsseplore Chef
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As a professional chef, I’ve always thought of starting my own home-based business. When I came across Esseplore, I felt that the platform is really interesting and it’s good that I can also earn an income from here! As a chef, I have a lot of freedom in creating different menus and dishes. The team has always been very supportive and executive Chef KT also gave me alot of useful advice on how I can improve my food. Esseplore also helped me a lot with marketing and getting more customers.
Chef Latha
Chef LathaEsseplore Chef
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I chose to become a chef with Esseplore because of the marketing support provided in terms of promoting my feastboxes to a wider group of people. I’m also very satisfied with how much I’m earning with Esseplore and like that I could share my dishes to a more premium group of customers via its platform. As a homemaker, I also really like that I have the flexibility to plan and schedule my availability to handle orders, so that I still have time to take care of my family.
Chef Jimmy
Chef JimmyEsseplore Chef
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I was previously engaged with another platform but switched over to Esseplore because of the strong marketing support they provide and their ability to promote my menus to people beyond my circle of family and friends. The Esseplore team also helped me to handle the process of receiving orders and delivery, which saves alot time for me. Now I can just focus on my cooking and improvise on my menus!

Ready To Get Started?


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Plan & craft a tasting menu


Arrange a date for tasting session


If we like your food, then you’re selected! You can focus on your cooking and we’ll handle the rest!

Join us if you have these attributes:
  • Passion for cooking great food
  • Good time management to manage incoming orders
  • Open to learning and improving in areas of cooking, plating etc.
  • Love planning meals for loved ones and guests

Even if you’re relatively new to this, you’re still welcomed to join our chef community! We will provide training, guidance and mentoring from our executive Chef KT Yeo.

Esseplore's Head Chef KT

Our Chefs

Esseplore's Home Chef Steve Yap

Chef Steve Yap

Specialty Cuisines: Western, Singaporean, Malay, Japanese & Indian

As a veteran in the F&B industry, winner of the 2007 World Culinary Competition and advocate for healthy cooking, Chef Steve Yap is a gourmet food force to be reckoned with.

He started his home chef journey with Esseplore because of the creative freedom it gave him in making his own dishes and sharing them with the world. His first feast, Symphony of Seafood Pen Cai, debuted to an amazing reception during the lead up to Chinese New Year!

Esseplore's Home Chefs Julianna & Florence

Chefs Julianna & Florence

Specialty Cuisine: Peranakan

Chefs Julianna & Florence share a friendship spanning 25 years and a strong passion for cooking and hosting.

Having felt a desire to share their Peranakan heritage with more people through authentic food, and upon the encouragement of family and friends, they embarked on their home chef journey with Esseplore.

Since then, they’ve received positive reviews about their food and, knowing the happiness it brings to others, haven’t looked back.

Esseplore's Home Chef Jimmy

Chef Jimmy

Specialty Cuisine: American Barbecue & Modern European

A barbecue enthusiast, Chef Jimmy fell in love with American barbecue for its its indirect heat and meat smoking flavour which led him to be trained in this method in the US.

Realising that he wanted his barbecue to be eaten in a setting where people bond over good food, and needing some marketing and logistical support, he became a home chef with Esseplore and has received a warm reception for his menus on the Feastbox platform.

Esseplore' Home Chef Latha

Chef Latha

Specialty Cuisine: South Indian (Kongunadu & Chettinad) & Indian Vegetarian

Growing up watching her mother and grandmother working their magic in the busy kitchen of their South Indian home, Chef Latha brings her family’s homemade style and soul to all her dishes.

As a mother of two children, she started as a home chef with Esseplore because it offered her the chance to do what she loves for a living and still be present at home. She also appreciates that the Esseplore brand prices and conveys the value of the menus which involve much effort in the selection and preparation of ingredients.

Esseplore' Home Chef Wendy

Chef Wendy

Specialty Cuisine: Chinese

Chef Wendy has loved cooking since young. After obtaining her Diploma in Culinary Arts, she pursued a career in the F&B industry teaching cooking classes.

Constantly on the hunt to grow her skills and share her food with the world, Chef Wendy started her home chef journey with Esseplore. Her debut feast, the Claypot Lobster Feast, is a bestseller on the Feastbox platform.

Esseplore's Home Chefs Andrew & Sandy

Chefs Andrew & Sandy

Specialty Cuisine: Seafood

Chef Andrew and Sandy are #couplegoals in the home dining scene, sharing a passion for cooking. Their specialty is seafood, which they get fresh from Chef Andrew’s father’s kelong.

Aiming to reach more people with their delicious take on freshly caught local seafood, they joined the Esseplore platform and began their journey as a home chef tag team. Their most popular feast, Fresh Kelong Seafood, debuted to a raving reception due to its freshness and generous portions.

Interested in being an Esseplore chef? Please fill in the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. You’ll need to possess a valid certification in ‘Food Safety Course Level 1’ or ‘WSQ Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1’ (formerly known as WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures Course or Basic Food Hygiene Course)

2. If you have the passion for cooking, have always dreamt to be a successful chef, find it satisfying to see people enjoying your cooking, and you desire to work according to your own schedule instead of being under the pressure to deal with paying rent, salary and bills, then you’re qualified!

Your signature most requested dish by family and friends! Heirloom grandmother’s recipes, your newly created menu out of new ingredients you discovered! You will receive professional advice from our team of chefs to curate a unique launch menu with us.

It really depends on you! Our model allows chef the flexibility as well as scalability to their home-based business!

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