Simply Plant-Based Feast (Vegetarian)


~ 7 course meal ~


Tofu Tikka with Peanut Chutney
Grilled tofu in a mixture of ginger-garlic paste and garam masala served with a nutty dip made from roasted peanuts, this healthy protein appetiser is a great start to a flavourful menu.

Beetroot and Green Peas Croquettes with Mint Chutney
A feel-good, delicious side of vibrant coloured patties made from ground beetroot, boiled green peas, and a blend of spices and herbs, served with a creamy and refreshing green dip made of fresh mint leaves, lemon and green chillies.

Glass Noodle Salad
A simple and light noodle salad with sliced bell peppers, cold glass noodles, and fragrant herbs in a flavourful Asian dressing. This colouful dish is filled with wonderful flavours and textures.


Mock Meat Mango Curry
Plant-based meat cooked in a creamy and tangy coconut milk-based gravy with mangoes. The sweetness of the mango and coconut milk and mild spiciness of the gravy perfectly complement each other, making this meatless delicacy just as tasty.

Saffron Rice
A fragrant pilaf made with long-grain Basmati rice flavoured with saffron, dill, sumac and fresh mixed vegetables.

Jackfruit Tamarind Pepper Curry
Green jackfruit chunks in a spicy-tangy curry with fresh tamarind, ground peppercorns, and a variety of spices. This flavourful curry is a great way to start your plant-based journey as the meaty texture of jackfruit will make you forget the dish is meatless.

Mango Coconut Custard
A luscious vegan dessert made with dairy-free custard, fresh sweet mango slices, creamy coconut milk and a hint of fragrant basil.


Glass Noodle Salad / Peanut Chutney / Mint Chutney Serve at room temperature.
Saffron Rice/ Jackfruit Tamarind Pepper Curry/ Mock Meat Mango Curry/ Beetroot & Green Peas Croquettes/ Tofu Tikka: MICROWAVE Heat on medium for 2 minutes.
Mango Coconut Custard Refrigerate before serving.