Morimori Sweet Bakes


~ 7 course meal ~


Ondeh-Ondeh Cake 
Chef Terrian’s bestseller, this stunning traditional kueh consists of three layers of soft and moist pandan sponge with a velvety-smooth gula melaka buttercream and fragrant gula melaka-grated coconut filling, sure to have you coming back for more!

Mini Strawberry Tart (6 pcs) 
Fluffy almond sponge cake sandwiched between freshly baked tart crust, mildly sweetened vanilla cream and fresh Japanese strawberries. These mini tarts are so flavourful you won’t be able to stop at one.

Chocolate Puff (3 pcs) 
Elegant little cream puff pastry baked till a beautiful golden brown with a sweet and crackly cookie-like topping filled with a rich, creamy chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, and gently dusted with sweet powdered sugar. A simple yet delicious dessert chocolate lovers are sure to enjoy.

Mango Puff (3 pcs) 
Light and bright tropical puff pastry baked to a beautiful golden brown with a sweet and crackly cookie-like topping filled with a luscious fresh mango cream centre. A light dusting of sweet powdered sugar, and you won’t be able to resist this yummy cream puff. 

Portuguese Egg Tarts (6 pcs) 
One of the best pastries to enjoy with your cuppa, these delicious crisp puff pastry tarts are filled with creamy burnt egg custard and dusted with cinnamon, creating a wonderful contrast for the palate. The secret to Chef Terrian’s egg tarts is high-quality Hinata white eggs. Each egg tart approx. weighs 50g.

Yuzu Pineapple Pie (3 pcs)
A small pastry that packs a flavourful citrusy punch with a soft and crumbly golden-brown yuzu crust and a generous filling of homemade pineapple jam. This luxurious pineapple pie will crumble in your mouth. 

Garlic Bread (6 pcs) 
Homemade baguette bun loaded with Japanese mayonnaise filling, Japanese garlic and butter. This soft and moist bread has unbelievable buttery, sweet and savoury flavours that’ll keep you in a state of euphoria.


Garlic Bread: MICROWAVE/TOASTER/AIR-FRYER/OVEN To warm, heat on low for 2 minutes. Leftovers can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.