2020 is the year of virtual events. When Covid-19 halted large-scale events, turning to a digital platform to make things work was the most sensible thing to do. And since then, organising virtual events has become a necessary skill.  

What is a Virtual Event? 

A virtual event is an online session conducted using video conferencing tools. It can range from meetings and conferences to webinars and educational classes. During the pandemic, it became a medium upon which in-person gatherings and events became dependent. And this alternative has proven to be equally efficient. Planning a virtual event is much simpler in hindsight. The overall cost is cheaper, and it definitely has its perks, but we have to admit it can get monotonous. 

While most of the challenges faced are technical, organising a virtual event has a different set of challenges. The biggest one is keeping your attendees engaged. Even with eloquent speakers and compelling content, it can be hard to hold a person’s attention for a long time. That’s where we come in! We help you elevate your virtual events with an unforgettable virtual dining experience. By incorporating this culinary aspect, you can make your virtual event memorable and provide a refreshing breather between segments where attendees can enjoy delicious food and replenish themselves. This mealtime can also be a way to encourage communication between participants. Through Urbane Gourmand, we ensure that these gastronomic meals are delivered to either one location for in-person events or multiple locations across Singapore for your virtual event attendees. 

What is ROS and How Does it Help Me? 

 ROS is a virtual event planning assistant that helps you organise catering options in one place! Say no more to sending a hundred emails. ROS does it all for you, leaving you to focus on other priority tasks. 

Pick meal offerings from a wide selection of gourmet choices within your specified budget and let ROS coordinate meal preferences, deliveries, e-invites and RSVPs, track attendance and payment. If needed, ROS can also schedule Zoom conferences and send the respective links with RSVPs and closing date reminders up to two hours of the meeting time. 

How to use ROS? 

ROS’s straightforward interface leaves no room confusion. It is specially designed to be easily accessible to all users. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using ROS. 

Step 1: Choose Your Menu 

Choose your pick from delicious menus exclusively curated for virtual events by our Executive Chef KT Yeo. You can also choose more than one menu. These gourmet meals are made and packed with the utmost care, with external factors such as spillage in mind, to provide our customers with an elegant visual aesthetic as well as palatable recipes that are delicious and help in boosting productivity. 

Step 2: Enter Your Pax Count

Next, enter a guaranteed count of your attendees. If you’ve chosen multiple menus, ROS calculates the final amount and correctly allocates the menus based on the number provided. However, if you’d prefer more or less of a particular menu, you can adjust it accordingly.

Step 3: Create Your Event 

Once you’ve confirmed your menu and attendee count, proceed to create the event. Enter your event details, including name, date, time and mealtime. Out of these, mealtime and invitee RSVP date is important. Mealtime refers to the period of the virtual event allotted for attendees to indulge in their gourmet meals. Along with the RSVP date, it allows ROS to coordinate the timings with the chefs and delivery agents to ensure that all attendees get their Urbane Gourmand boxes on time. 

Step 4: Send Invitations 

Now that you’ve created your event, it’s time to send out the invitations. Don’t worry, you don’t have to individually email or call anyone. Just upload a CSV file with the list of all your attendees along with their email address and ROS sends out personalised invitations to each one! However, if you prefer another method, ROS also allows you to input attendees names and email addresses manually. 

Here’s What Your Invitees See 

ROS guides your invitees through their menu options, allowing them to select and list out any allergies or special instructions for the chefs. Once they enter their delivery details, ROS confirms their reservation and lets you know. 

And it’s as simple as that! If you would like to know more about what ROS can do, contact us at sales@esseplore.com

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