Christmas time in Singapore is no small feat. Strolling down the bright coloured streets with extravagant displays and eating more than you should is what Singaporeans look forward to this time of year. However, it is also one of the busiest times. There are many things to do: wrapping presents, making a delicious Christmas feast for your loved ones, decorating the Christmas tree, the list goes on! A Christmas feast is an absolute must, but planning and cooking can be time-consuming. That’s why we have a treat for you! Let us take care of your Christmas feast with a holiday special curated by Esseplore‘s very own Executive Chef KT Yeo

This seasonal menu features Chef KT’s rendition of festive recipes from around the world, and can easily feed up to 6 people. It has all the classic holiday dishes such as turkey, ham, roast beef and then some. Here’s a sneak peek of what delicious tastes await you. 

Baked Truffle Ham 

When thinking about a Christmas feast, ham is one of the first things that comes to mind, but this isn’t your regular baked ham. Chef KT’s recipe uses one of the most prized ingredients and flavours in the culinary world: Truffles. He cleans and bastes the ham with his special truffle paste. The ham is cooked to perfection, till it’s soft and tender. This extravagant meat is then skillfully carved and plated in your feastbox. The beautiful glaze and the deliciously musky aroma of truffles are more than enough to have you salivating. 

Prawn Cocktail 

A dish synonymous with gourmet hors-oeuvres, this classic appetiser is especially popular during the holiday season. Traditionally served in a cocktail glass, the highlight isn’t the elegant presentation or the delicious sauce; it’s the prawns. Prawns are what can make or break this dish, so how it is cooked is important. Here, fresh prawns are cleaned, deshelled and cooked till soft, pink and moist. It is usually served with Marie Rose sauce, a mild flavoured blend of tomatoes, mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce. Chef KT modifies the classic British condiment with his secret recipe to create the perfect complement to the prawns. 

Roast Turkey Breast with Chestnut Stuffing 

Christmas without turkey? Not this time. This smoked turkey dish is the perfect addition to your Christmas feast. Chef KT is quite particular about the meat he serves, so rest assured you’re in good hands. After carefully choosing and cleaning, the turkey is brined and smoked till it’s exterior reaches a beautiful dark brown. The Smoking technique does take a lot of time, but the juiciness, delicious flavours and charred textures more than make up for it! For his stuffing, fresh chestnuts are simmered in water, drained, cleaned, and chopped coarsely with aromatic thyme and fresh minced mushrooms. It is served with focaccia, a flat oven-baked bread, crispy on the outside and soft inside. 

Panettone in a metal tin 

This sweet bread is the perfect way to end a fulfilling meal. Panettone, otherwise known as Italian Christmas Bread, is a sponge-like bread enriched with a mix of dried raisins, citron, candied orange and chopped almonds, loaded with naturally sweet flavours. Its stunning yet ordinary appearance can be deceiving; this isn’t a simple recipe and requires prior planning and preparations for up to 2 days. The festive staple is served in Europeans households in cylindrical moulds like coffee tins and metal cans, which Chef KT stays true to. Though laborious to make, the result is well worth it; you won’t be able to stop with one slice!

And this is just the beginning! The Holiday Feastbox is a sumptuous feast curated for you and your loved ones to share the Christmas joy. This Christmas, save time in the kitchen. Instead, spend more time laughing, enjoying and feasting with your family and friends. Find out more about the mouth-watering dishes in the Holiday Feastbox here

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