Singapore is one of the popular tourist destinations, on there you can find many interesting tourist attractions. For those of you who are Muslim tourists, there are many halal Chinese Restaurant Singapore, here are some of them.

Favorite Menu Halal Chinese Food in Singapore

There are many Chinese food that people like in Singapore,, but not many Chinese food in Singapore are already Halal certified, for those of you who are on a culinary tour in this country and are looking for Muslim-friendly food. Here are some of the popular halal Chinese foods in Singapore:

  • Dimsum
  • Hong Kong Fried Rice
  • Seafood
  • La mian
  • BBQ grill
  • Popiah
  • Butter Cuttlefish
  • Steamed Chicken with chili sauce
  • Hainanese Rice
  • Roasted Duck

Halal Chinese Restaurant Singapore

Tang Tea House

First halal Chinese restaurant Singapore is Tang Tea House, this restaurant is often visited by tourists because it has a halal certificate and serves delicious food, one of his favorite foods is Hong Kong fried rice, dim sum and seafood. In addition, this restaurant is open until late so you can taste this food until the morning.

Address : 357 Bedok Road, Singapore

Operating Hours : 11.00-04.00

Le Fuse

For those of you who want to taste spicy food, you can visit this restaurant. Le Fuse serves Sichuan and Mala food which are famous for having a spicy taste, besides that they also serve other very delicious combined food, another interesting thing is that you can increase the level of spicy taste in the food you order according to your taste.

Address : 47 Arab St, Singapore 199744

Operating Hours: 11.30 am-9.30 pm

The Dimsum Place

The next halal Chinese restaurant Singapore that you can try is The Dimsum Place, this restaurant serves authentic Cantonese food at affordable prices, besides that this restaurant also serves various foods such as noodles, siew mai, and salted egg buns. The Dimsum Place is also close to the mosque so you can pray when visiting this restaurant.

Address : 791 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198759

Operating Hours : Mon – Thurs : 11 am-3 pm and 5.30-11 pm

                                   Fri – Sun : 11 am-2 am

Fresh Restaurant

Fresh Restaurant is one of the halal Chinese restaurants in Singapore, located in the city center and has been certified halal making this restaurant always visited by Muslim tourist, besides that the food served is also various, one of which is Asian food and serves fresh food ingredients at affordable prices, making this restaurant does not run out of diners.

Address : 133 New Bridge Rd, #B2-39/40/41, Singapore 059413

Operating Hours: 11.30 am-9.30 pm

Yi Zun Noodle

If you want to taste halal beef noodles, you can come to Yi Zun Noodle. This restaurant has a halal certificate, on there you can eat tender beef and very tasty noodles. In this restaurant they also provide very good Xinjiang cuisine.

Address : 60 Joo Chiat Road, #01-08/09, Singapore 427726

Operating Hours: 11 am-10 pm

Mak’s Place – The Hawkerant

In Singapore there are also many halal restaurants that serve Chinese and western food. One of them is Mak’s Place – The Hawkerant, this restaurant provides more than 100 dishes that you can taste. The recommended dishes at this place are Wanton noodle or Seafood Mui-fan.

Address : 401 Changi Rd, Singapore 419847

Operation Hours: Tue – Sun, 4:30 pm to 1 am; Closed on Monday

Qi ji

Another halal Chinese restaurant that you can visit is Qi ji, this restaurant is visited by many locals because of its authentic cuisine, the food that is often ordered is popiah, popiah is a typical food from Fujian, China, this food you can consume for snacks or main dishes , this food can be chosen using gravy or spicy.

Address : Funan Mall; 107 North Bridge Road #B2-12 Funan Mall Singapore 179105

Operating Hours : Mon-Sat: 9.30am – 9.30pm

                                   Sun: 8.30am – 8.30pm

Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodle

Next restaurant you can visit is Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef, this restaurant serves Beef Noodles using soft beef tongue and 4 different sauce flavors. The menu served at this restaurant is Signature Beef Noodles, Suan Cai Beef Noodle, Mala Spicy Beef Noodle and Dry Beef Noodle. They also provide chicken dishes at affordable prices.

Address : 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #02-107, Plaza 168732

Operating Hours: 11 am-9.30 pm

Home Of Seafood

If you want to taste halal seafood at affordable prices, you can visit home of seafood, they provide a variety of fresh seafood such as crab served with various flavors such as Black pepper and Salted egg. Not only that, they also provide seafood in buckets with various flavors.

Address : 1 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 427739

Operating Hours : 10.30 am-10.30 pm

Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

Another halal restaurant is Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice. This restaurant has been open since 1989, one of their signature menus is Nasi Haian, Roasted Duck and Poached Chicken.

Address : Clementi Ave 2, #01-259 Blk 354, Singapore 120354

Operating Hours : 10.30 am-09.30 pm

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