For those of you who like the pleasure of tender beef seasoned with a distinctive flavored broth in oxtail soup, then this one is a must try recommendation : oxtail soup! As one of the legendary dishes, oxtail soup Singapore consists of tender pieces of meat, vegetables such as carrots, green onions, complete with tomatoes. Here’s all time fav cuisine you can’t refuse. Check the following recommendations for oxtail soup Singapore, one of the comfort foods you don’t wanna miss!

1. British Hainan

If you want to enjoy the taste of oxtail soup Singapore in a vintage vibes restaurant, make sure British Hainan is on your list of visits. Their Oxtail Stew is priced at $29.90 with a delicious slice of bread and outstanding taste of gravy.

2. Shashlik Restaurant

Enjoy the delicious sensation of Oxtail Stew at Shashlik Restaurant. Through the 36-hour slow braised stew process, the texture of the meat served is very soft and savory. The seasonings blend perfectly in every bite. Oxtail soup Singapore comes complete with broccoli and boiled potatoes.

3. IndoChili

One of the restaurants serving halal food in Singapore, IndoChili, presents their creation menu, namely Oxtail Soup, Indonesian cuisine with a touch of rich heritage. Has a concoction of spices that is appetizing. The meat is always served tender and juicy. Uniquely, the soup is not too oily.

4. Jerry’s Barbeque & Grill

Specializing in barbeque serving, Jerry’s Barbeque & Grill serves Oxtail Stew with a touch of warming flavor. Having a tender meat texture, you will be lulled by the delicious and tempting aroma of Oxtail Stew. Moreover, the blend of flavors of the broth plus the concoction of spices that makes you addicted.

5. Daun Bistro

A restaurant that serves a variety of Indonesian specialties in Singapore, Fried Oxtail Soup with Rice at Daun Bistro is not to be missed. Combining traditional flavors with a modern touch, this dish has a depth of flavor in every bite with crispy fried tender meat. 

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