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Statistics show that on an average people have 8 meetings per week across all employee types and company size.   Almost all employees preferred if their meetings were well-planned.  Whatever said, business meetings are often the best way to communicate and collaborate with all employees at the same time.  It is often the most common platform for team building.  But, what about the attendance to these meetings? Do all employees show up?  Most organisations revert to having a perk or food served to increase attendance.  While experts claim that food plays an important role in a meeting, the time of the meetings is also critical to the kind of food served. So, how do you keep your meetings fun and what kind of food should you offer?  Esseplore understands the dilemma of most organizations when it comes to planning meetings.  There is always the balance between budgets and employment wellness to consider.  As an emerging food tech company we have tried to fill these gaps with our versatile food brands that offer a variety of platters for all kinds of business meetings or get-togethers.  From healthy broths to rich stews, our Gourmand box and smoky barbecues, we have it all for you.

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Offering healthy food options is key

Incorporating healthier food choices at the workplace is certainly a good way to let employees know that you value their contributions and understand their worth to the company.  Food also lightens the atmosphere at meetings and makes it more fun.  It is a simple and creative way to help keep employees healthy.  At Esseplore, we have developed food brands keeping the core values of building self-esteem of employees and enhancing loyalty to the corporate brand.  That is why we have used age-old recipes and incorporated a nutritive punch with some sophistication. Our brand, Umami Chefs, has designed meal plans that are aimed to build immunity and nutrition with a big focus on gut health which plays a significant role in overall health. We also have a Gourmand box that is ideal for the corporate world.  Our platform is digitalized, therefore making it easier for HR to coordinate meetings/ events on a large scale, enabling them to plan days in advance.  Our food is always fresh, and taste is never compromised.  

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Food recommendations at meetings

Employees across the globe often complain about the quality of food served at meetings and events.  Most feel that their health is compromised when work involves attending countless meetings during the day or over the week. 

Esseplore recommends having the following list of healthy food choices for employees so that they feel a sense of self-worth at the workplace. HR must remember to include an abundance of fruits and vegetables to help keep attendees focused and full of energy.

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Steamed or baked vegetables
  • Serve smaller portions of desserts like pastries, doughnuts, or muffins
  • Use smaller plates so that employees may make multiple trips through the line if they want to.
  • Include healthier vegetarian options that are not heavy on dairy, pastas, or fattening sauces
  • Include grilled, broiled, baked, or steamed foods and limit items that are fried or sautéed
  • Remember to coordinate well with your catering company for special menus such as no sugar, no salt, less butter, no oil, no dressings or less sauces.
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Kind of meetings and the food that you can serve. If you are confused at what kind of arrangement to have at various meetings, then here are a few tips for you: 

Business meetings

Since most employees will be dressed professionally it would be best to serve food that requires less fuss and less mess. Salad bars or fresh fruits can help keep employees focussed and energetic.  

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For conferences, variety and diversity is key. Offer foods that consider a wide range of dietary restrictions.  Offering the attendees, a good choice to select from, will make it easier.

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Trade shows: 

Since these kinds of events have huge crowds and a lot of movement, a probable, practical kind of menu should be planned.  Having bit-sized portions could be a good idea. 


Building a positive work culture is an important aspect of Human Relations at organisations.  There is a significant correlation between employee happiness, employee engagement and productivity.  We, at Esseplore are here to help you create opportunities to foster employee relationships and nurture employee retention, all in a healthy fun way. 

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