‘’Life is about moments. Don’t wait for them, create them”. -unknown

Life is all about those special magical moments and some of those moments are built around birthdays. Not all of us have the resources to have a big birthday bash every year, but if we plan it right, we can have a small one with only our loved ones, creating our very own collage for life.  There are many things that are important when you plan a birthday party.  But some play a more significant role in its success than the others.  Here are a few suggestions to have the best birthday party ever!

Have a realistic budget

Having a realistic budget helps to determine the scale of the party from the very beginning.  A budget helps to keep your finances under control, so you don’t feel guilty the next day about your expenditures.  When you know how much you can spend, then planning the event becomes easier.  This will offer more clarity on how to allocate expenses on various aspects of the party. 

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We recommend that you think about the following while making your decisions:  

Do you want to spend more money on food and drinks?  Is some investment in décor necessary?  Do you have to buy a new outfit?  Do you have to hire someone to keep the guests entertained or can you come up with some simple games yourself? These are some of the things to keep in mind while trying to stick to your budget.


“If you used correctly, a budget doesn’t restrict you, it empowers you.”

Reveal more to your guests and find out more about them.

Always inform your guests about the details of the party.  Giving them details ahead of time will enable them to plan and schedule in your event.  Let them know if there is a theme or about the location, especially if it’s a difficult or unknown route.  Plan your party so that the little details will guide them along during the party. 

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We recommend that you follow some of these tiny details: 

Directions like what’s on the menu, signs describing food and drinks, or place cards will make a big difference.  This reduces the need for guests to ask questions of the host.  Some of the details can also be included in the invite.  The invite can be designed and personalised so that it reflects your personality, and the guests understand the need to celebrate.  The invite may also be used to get to know more about the guests and what you can do to make them more comfortable at the party. 

“It’s the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”  John Wooden

Make the party personal

Get creative with the celebration.  Weave in a theme that reflects your personal style and your relationship with your guests.  For example, if you love art, you can get an artist or a friend to draw sketches of the guests.  Or you can get a chef to organise some live cooking or barbecue or even have a grilling session with your guests.  Drinks offer great opportunities for creativity, so you can play around with mocktail colours or a signature cocktail as a welcome gesture to the guests

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We recommend that take the following into consideration:

  1. Assign a mingle master: Having a person on duty just to make other guests comfortable ensures that all guests have someone to talk or engaged.
  2. Make a memorable statement:  Adding meaning to the party with a strong statement or memories builds nostalgia and makes the party a memorable moment for everyone.
  3. Establish a theme: A theme is a good ice breaker; it also will throw insight into guests’ personality or creativity.  It makes room for more conversation and interaction.  It also builds opportunities for more creative party games.

‘’Don’t be simply at the party. Be the party.’’ unknown

  Plan the food

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Food is an essential part of any party as it plays a significant role in breaking the ice and networking. So, food planned should enable guests to be comfortable while networking. The choice of menu and food items is an important factor to impress guests.  The hosts must clarify a few things before deciding on the menu.  This would help to reduce unnecessary wastage and avoid the possibilities of having unhappy guests.  

  1. Do your guests have any allergies?
  2. Is anyone on a restricted diet due to medical conditions?
  3. Is anyone on a special diet?

Singapore has a lot of diverse food offerings.  Arranging good food for guests shouldn’t be a challenge if the party is planned much in advance.  

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We recommend barbecue for parties, as it is always a big hit with guests and turns out to be great for networking. People tend to ease up a bit and talk about their barbecue experiences at home.  One of the most elegant party offerings in the market now are the barbecue party meals from Smokhse.  They have the best barbecue meals designed just for parties so that your guests never have to go hungry.  All you must do is order a few days in advance and put your feet up. 

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“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’’

So, make the plans but enjoy the moments. Esseplore is here for you every time you need some fancy food to impress your guests. Our range of smoked meat at Smokehse is delicious and never fails to impress.  We also have lots of variety if you are looking for healthy food options.  Our brand Umami Chefs is designed with ingredients and recipes that focus on gut health.  Our meals are also perfect for a party, especially if it’s planned.  Let us know when you are in the party mood, and we will be there for you. 

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