24 hour coffee shop in Singapore

Coffee shops have become part of people’s lifestyles. Whenever there is free time, many people spend it there, even if it is just to relax from busy life.

In Singapura, the coffee shop is known as Kopitiam. Unique, isn’t it? Basically, Kopi means coffee in Malay and tiam means shop in Hookien, one of many dialects of Chinese.

It’s easy to find Kopitiam in Singapore. Almost in every corner, there is at least one that offers its own quirks to attract people. They go to Kopitiam for various needs, one of them to spend all day there for hangout or work.

Well, for those who are looking for Kopitiam which is open 24 hours in Singapore, here is a list of the best 24 house coffee shop Singapore:

24 Hour Coffee Shop in Singapore 1: Starbucks

Who doesn’t know Starbucks? This coffee shop, which has been established in 1971, becomes the most famous Kopitiam in the world. Visited by various groups with their favorite menus. Some of Starbucks’ signature menus are Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and Java Chip Frappucino.

In Singapore, there are quite a few Starbucks to be found, such as at 100 AM, 20 Anson Road, 25 North Bridge Road, 313 Somerset, and 6 Battery Road.

24 Hour Coffee Shop in Singapore 2: Coffee Smith

Next is Coffee Smith which is located at 277 Orchard Road. This place is fairly famous among local residents to tourists. The coffee served comes from the best coffee beans. Offers various menus such as Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Vienna, Caramel Machiato, and others. Besides that, Coffee Smith also provides Frappe, Ade and Milk.

O’Coffee Club

The first O’ Coffee Club outlet opened in Holland Village, Singapore in 1991. During its establishment, it was the first gourmet coffee shop in Singapore. The selection of coffee beans is not careless, even the processing is also done specifically. After its success, now O’Coffee Club has expanded to Malaysia and Indonesia.

For the menu, not only coffee, O’Coffee Club also provides other menus such as tea, iced teas, juices, smoothies, and milkshakes. Also, there are some meals, desserts, and baked goods to eat with loved ones!

La Cafe & Bar

Looking for a Filipino-style Kopitiam? You can go to La Cafe & Bar. Located at 103 Irrawaddy Road, Novena. Every day, this cafe is always full of customers, even late at night. The coffee provided by La Cafe has great taste. You as a coffee lover will keep wanting to come back again and again. Not only coffee, but they also provide a variety of Western and Filipino dishes such as Steak, Beefsteak Pinot, Pork Sisig, and Pork Adobo at affordable prices. 

That Coffee Place

That Coffee Place is a Zi Char Cafe and Restaurant located at the intersection of Compassvale St and Punggol Rd. From morning to night, this place is always busy.

You can enjoy various types of drinks such as coffee and tea with your family. In addition, the food is also diverse, ranging from local specialties, Malay-combined and Western.

My Awesome Cafe

The sixth is My Awesome Cafe which is located at 202 Telok Ayer St. Visitors come isn’t only to enjoy food, but also taking pictures because every corner of this cafe is really aesthetic. Yes, this Kopitiam is decorated with a distinctive retro vintage look. The walls look unfinished and the furniture used is secondhand from all over the island.

You can choose many drinks, such as Latte which is one of the signature drinks. On food, there is Spicy Thai Beef Wrap and Crab & Semi-Dried Tomato Salad. All beautifully plated. The price is affordable.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Last but not least, there is Common Man Coffee Roasters. Located at 22 Martin Road and managed to attract many coffee lovers. Seeing the interior design, this Kopitiam was made with the canteen concept. Spacious open space with long tables to sit together. This is so that one customer with another customer can interact. However, in some corners, small tables are still provided if the customer needs a place to focus

There are many types of coffee available on the menu, but you must try the signature drink. There are Espresso Blend, Lucky Basterd Blend and Country Cousin Blend.

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