The pandemic has brought new habits to society. Not only has the trend of eating out at restaurants changed into delivery, or working from home, the pandemic has made the cloud kitchen business more and more popular. The initial cost of a cloud kitchen is not that pricey, if we compare it to the typical restaurant business model. Judging from the various adjustments to dining out regulations during the pandemic, the current situation poses a threat to the restaurant industry and traditional food business models. This makes the food industry inevitably have to change and find new innovations, namely cloud kitchens. Here are the tips that can be applied to open a cloud kitchen Singapore. Check these out!

Tips How to Open Cloud Kitchen Singapore #1 : Choose Strategic Location 

Similar to choosing a restaurant business in general, there are several factors to consider in choosing a business area to open a cloud kitchen Singapore. You need to think about accessibility, price, and your target buyers.

Tips How to Open Cloud Kitchen Singapore #2 : Don’t Missed These Needs

Fill your kitchen with restaurant standards equipment. You can save money at the beginning at your business by buying less equipment. Provide kitchen equipment like a restaurant in general, for example cooking utensils, cleaning tools, and other things that facilitate the process of making food.

Tips How to Open Cloud Kitchen Singapore #3 : Recruit Staff  

Pay attention to the qualifications of your employees. Starting from the chefs who cook orders for buyers, the head of the kitchen, food delivery officers who take orders to their destinations, marketing, and cleaning staff.

  1. Pay Attention for Product Packaging 

The role of packaging in the online kitchen business is very important. You have to consider the type of food you are selling with the right packaging to protect it. Because a business like this doesn’t require direct customer service, you could say that the first impression that customers receive for your company is through packaging.

  1. Register for Online Food Delivery Provider

Choose an online ordering medium that facilitates the ordering process for customers who are interested in buying your product. If you plan to use Grab’s services, for example, register your restaurant to their system first.

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