“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” Rober Urich

Singapore’s rapidly developing economy and social progress has helped advance the healthcare development of the country.   Changing lifestyles and current trends have led to a large number of health risks and several multiple chronic illnesses.  There is a growing challenge with healthcare and therefore a consistent focus on this sector.

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Why worry about our health?

According to statistics, the leading cause of deaths in Singapore is disease of the circulatory system, as of 2021, with 8.1 thousand deaths reported that year. Other statistics also claim that the top 3 causes of deaths in Singapore occur due to cancer, pneumonia, and Ischaemic heart disease.   While Singapore’s life expectancy has been increasing in the past decade due to medical advances, yet elderly people are plagued with health issues in the latter part of their lives. By 2030, it is predicted that elders will take up at least 25% of the population and a significant number of elders generally must deal with chronic illnesses.  According to the UN, the world is spending an astonishing amount of money and resources on treating illnesses that are surprisingly easy to prevent. The new goal for worldwide Good Health promotes healthy lifestyles, preventive measures, and modern, efficient healthcare for everyone.

In a bid to create a more balanced inclusive world, the UN has asked all the countries to reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases.  There is also a new focus on prevention and treatment. It is essential for every country to proactively promote mental health and well-being to meet the Sustainable Development goals by 2030.

‘’Health requires healthy food” Roger Williams

In line with the health and nutrition goals, Esseplore has developed a diverse range of food brands to cater to versatile taste buds.  Our meal plans not only consider the nutritive value of each dish, but we also cater to the rich diverse culture of Singapore.  We understand that Singapore has a growing number of food connoisseurs and people are getting adventurous with food by experimenting with new dishes more frequently than ever before.  The booming food industry emulates the changing tastes of the customer and emerging food habits.  That is why, you will see a lot of plant-based dishes on our menu, there will be a lot of umami-rich dishes and lots of other sophisticated recipes that are representative of the culinary art skills that we as a company have nurtured. 

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“Let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates

The food you get from Esseplore is always fresh, it’s always healthy and it is always presented with the finest culinary skills.  Technology is driving almost every industry in the economy, at Esseplore we leverage cutting-edge technology to keep your food fresh with blast frozen techniques.  We also use the digital platform to curate an efficient delivery network to make sure you get your food on time.  

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” Bethenny Frankel

If the above rant hasn’t convinced you and all you hear is a blah, then here are 3 important reasons why you must make healthy food choices:

  1. Boosts your immunity: Immune-boosting foods include a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and other compounds.  Our menu has a range of ingredients that include all of these.  Umami-Chefs and Gourmand has a diverse menu that comprises immunity-boosting foods like Green leafy vegetables, meat and fish, mushrooms, ginger and garlic and dairy products.   Our dishes range from rich broths to luscious stews.  All these dishes are packed with nutrition. “Happiness is an immunity.” Sylvia Townsend Warner 
  2. Helps the digestive function:  At Esseplore, we understand the importance of gut health.  That is why we have incorporated a gut-friendly gourmet plan as part of our menu.  We remember what Hippocrates said about the gut ‘’All disease begins in the gut’’ Therefore we have made a powerful collaboration with Southeast Asia’s leading precision gut microbiome company AMILI to boost health in the most delicious way.  You will find a whole range of foods like probiotic and prebiotic foods on our digital platform. Umami Chefs has a whole range of recommended dishes if you want special care for your gut. Care for your gut health. Go through our gut-friendly gourmet plan.
    “Gut health is the key to overall health.” Kris Carr


  3. Enhances skin, teeth, and eyes health: You can stop spending a fortune on creams or supplements to make yourself look a few years younger.  Esseplore has just the right things to give you the glow you need for your hair, skin, eyes, and teeth.  Some food experts believe that focusing on nutrient-rich foods could contribute significantly to that youthful glow. Some of the foods that you must include in your meal plans are fish like salmon, mackerel, trout, or anchovies. Yoghurt, spinach, celery, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apples, kiwi, and eggs are some of the foods that are bound to add to your glow.  Our menu is packed with these ingredients to give it that extra nutritive punch. One such example is the delicately baked salmon dish that is curated by Umami Chefs.  It’s just the right dish that could cater to that glow.So, don’t forget to choose healthy, choose Esseplore because“A healthy outside starts from the inside” Robert Urich
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