National Day has always been an exciting time of the year in Singapore. This year we know that a lot of Singaporeans are going to be busy with the #DoingGood campaign. Whatever role you choose in this campaign, we are here to support you in our own way.  Esseplore is urging Singaporeans to send in their pics of #DoingGood to win some really exciting prizes this National Day. 

National Day is special and filled with opportunities to celebrate with friends and family. Whether you plan to party with your friends throughout the day or have a romantic evening with your loved one, Esseplore has a whole range of meals to tempt and tingle those cravings for good food.  So, if you plan to order, call us! Why? Because we have good food lah! 

If it’s that time of the year where you have lots of guests at home, pamper and please them with our delicious suggestion. We proudly recommend our SmokeHse Barbecue feast. This is an All-American Smoked BBQ Feast that serves about 6-8 people.  A feast with perfectly smoked premium cut meats over hickory and apple wood, a rare yet wholesome meal that offers great variety.  It’s packed full of flavour with our delicious dry rub and home made BBQ sauce. 

To have an authentic American Barbecue, order now online at Smokehse By Esseplore

Our premium meat boasts of a thick savoury crust and a tender rosy interior. The sizzling barbecue is bound to be a great hit with your guests. Most pitmaster consider barbecue as a culinary art. From building the fire to choosing the right vessel to smoke the meat just right. We know that barbecue can get nostalgic as it brings up memories of laughter, friendship and family.  This year we want to be there on this journey with you.  Our chefs have been busy concocting menus, sourcing ingredients and planning accompaniments.  That is why, you will find something as unique as the Grilled Octopus on your plate.   If you consider yourself a food connoisseur, then you just cannot go without tasting this sophisticated yet very straightforward meal.  It’s the right kind of Gourmet to have around friends, laughter and family.  The Octopus we serve is collagen-rich and straight from the ocean.  It is saturated with the Chef’s homemade sauce. It is also popular for its unique smoked flavour as it is char-grilled to perfection.  If Grilled Octopus is not your thing, then we have the Signature BBQ Smoked Beef Brisket.   The meat for this dish is cooked low and slow with our Chef’s homemade spicy marinade.  This one is perfect for any kind of meal.  A dish to add to a casual get-together or a formal brainstorming session.   

It just doesn’t end here, this year if you are dying to stay in and watch the NDP celebrations from the corner of your couch, then you must want to secretly relish our Smoked BBQ Chicken thighs.  Brined for hours, the tender thighs are juicy and coated with a special dry-rub.  To add that good old American finish it’s smoked with American applewood and our Chefs don’t give up until it’s tender.  Like always it is served with homemade BBQ sauce. 

Stroll down the beach, cuddle on your couch, gather round the bonfire or have heated debates around the conference table.  Whatever the day, whatever the scene, do it with us, Smokehse will make your memories more memorable and your taste bud do that extra tingle. Trust us to please you. 

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