One of the things that stopped due to the circuit breaker were date nights. Whether it’s a romantic night for two or a fun family night out, everything was put on hold. However, our greatest strength is that we can adapt and change. And with that in mind, we’ve done our best and grown to love stay-at-home dates, but planning is a process. That’s why we’re making it easy for you. Here are the things you need to look out for to host the perfect date:  

1. Lighting  

This is something people often underestimate, but the right lighting can be a gamechanger. Round up your candles and fairy lights and set the ambience of the room. Dim the lights for a romantic atmosphere or brighten the table with decorative candles for family date nights. 

2. Break in The Fancy Plates

We’re going for the full restaurant aesthetic here, so it’s time to use that fancy china. You’ll probably have to get creative here; add pretty napkins and the right cutlery for a restaurant-worthy table set-up. 

3. Set The Mood With Music

Yes, it’s time to let your playlist shine! Music plays a huge role in setting the tone for the evening, so pick your tunes wisely. Classical and jazz are always top picks for a romantic atmosphere, but you could also amp up the beat for family night with some Pop! 

4. The Right Taste

Food is one of the main aspects that can make or break this special evening. Now here’s where we can help. Esseplore has a variety of gourmet feasts made by our trained speciality and home chefs. Choose from different cuisines and menus, and surprise your loved ones with restaurant-quality gourmet food at home! And if it’s just for two, go ahead and add some wine for the full experience. 

Check out our range of menus and choose your FeastBox!

Add a personal touch in choosing how to end this wonderful night. You could cuddle up with a movie, dance around and enjoy the music, or play some games. It ultimately comes down to one thing – the people you spend it with; that’s what will truly make this the perfect stay-at-home date.

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