Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many people. Every year, millions of tourists come and spend their holiday in this country. And like other tourist destinations, Singaporean souvenirs are always a sought-after item. One of the popular souvenirs to buy is various types of snacks. And here are 5 favorite Singaporean snacks among tourists:

Favorite Singapore Snacks 1: Irvins Salted Egg

Known to have a delicious taste, Irvins Salted Egg is also Halal Certified. So for Muslim tourists, of course, there is no need to hesitate to buy this snack and share it with loved ones as souvenirs. Of all the available variants, Salted Egg Fish Skin and Salted Egg Potato Chips are the best-selling in the market and are being bought by many people.

Favorite Singapore Snacks 2: Garrett Popcorn

If you’re looking for a Singaporean snack that is healthy, gluten free and preservative free, then Garrett Popcorn can be an option. Garrett Popcorn has a thicker texture than other popcorn on the market, but is still soft and crunchy. This popcorn can last up to a week after opening as long as it is stored properly.

Favorite Singapore Snacks 3: Singapore Sling Marmalade

Inspired by the taste of Singapore Sling, a cocktail made at the Raffles Hotel in 1915, this marmalade has become a many people’s favorite until now. Although inspired by the taste of cocktails, Singapore Sling Marmalade is certified Halal and Vegan.

Favorite Singapore Snacks 4: Honey Butter Chips

You will feel a savory, salty, and sweet taste when you eat these chips one by one. With a delicious taste, it is not a surprise that many people then become addicted to this snack. Until now, honey butter chips are still pretty much brought by people as souvenirs when they are on vacation in Singapore.

Favorite Singapore Snacks 5: Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms

Made from lentil chips, Uncle Saba’s Poppadom has more protein and fiber than potato chips. This Singaporean snack is one of the healthy snacks that is also suitable for vegetarians and people on a gluten free diet. The good news is, every piece of Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms is MSG-free.

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