Claypot Lobster Feast


~ 3 course meal ~


Lobster Bee Hoon (with Prawns or Clams)

A popular Singaporean dish, this version is packed with lots of natural umami and no added MSG. The rich and flavourful broth is made by boiling free-range chicken bone, dried fish bone and dried Japanese shiitake mushrooms.

Poached Cabbage

Cabbage is blanched to perfection and served with a savoury sauce and homemade shallot oil. It is garnished with a flavourful mix of crispy shallots and dried seafood.


Lychee Rose Jelly

This delicate dessert is made with slow-cooked dehydrated roses, sugar and gelatine. The silky texture of the jelly and floral fragrance helps in highlighting the subtle flavour of the lychee moulded to the shape of a rose.


Lobster Bee Hoon: STOVE TOP/ MICROWAVE Bring soup to a boil or microwave the soup and noodles separately. Pour hot soup over the noodles and seafood.
Poached Cabbage Served cold. To serve warm, microwave on low for 1 minute.