The Perfect Tamil Tiffin Platter


~ 6 – 9 course meal ~

Mini Sambar Idli
Soft, bite-sized Idlis(traditional rice cakes) dunked in hot savoury Sambar with a drizzle of healthy ghee on top. This is a popular combo loved by all in South India.

Millets Venpongal
A healthy, protein-rich South Indian savoury & spicy recipe using millets & moong dal lentils and spices. It is typically served with Coconut Chutney and Sambar.

A lentil-based stew with toor dal lentils and the Chef’s special Sambar powder, this flavourful dish is often served with Idli or Dosai. The key ingredient that adds intense flavour is shallots, which is cooked with the dal. The final tempering with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and hing is what makes this Sambar irresistible.

Thengai Chutney
This delicious coconut chutney is made with freshly grated coconut, ground into a paste-like form with green chillies, roasted gram, and a pinch of salt. It is a quintessential condiment relished as a side dish in South Indian cuisine.

Moringa Leaves Multigrain Adai
(Exclusive for 6 pax orders and above)
Also called Multigrain Indian Crepe, this dish is healthy & nutritious. It is prepared with vitamin-rich moringa leaves, a combination of essential multi-grains like ragi (finger millet), barley, sorghum, mung bean, chana (white chickpeas), and lentils, including black urad dal, chana dal, toor dal, moong dal and rice. (1 pc. per pax)

Aviyal (Exclusive for 6 pax orders and above)
It is a popular & traditional dish made with fresh mixed vegetables, fresh coconut, green chillies and cumin seeds, and the final flavouring of mustard seeds and curry leaves tempered in coconut oil. This dish is mildly spicy but makes a healthy & satisfying meal.

Tomato Kara Chutney
(Exclusive for 6 pax orders and above)
A spicy condiment made using fresh pearl onions(shallots), tomatoes, and red chillies. The flavour of pearl onions gives this chutney a distinct flavour. It is best eaten with the Adai.


Vazhaipoo Vadai (Banana Flower Vada)
(2 pcs per pax)
A unique south Indian starter or snack prepared with chopped banana flower, lentils, and spices. These vadai are crispy yet soft and taste best with coconut chutney. (2 pcs per pax)

Gulab Jamun (1 pc per pax)
Soft and spongey fried dough balls made of milk solids delicately drenched in rich cardamom-flavoured sugar syrup. This traditional and crowd-favourite Indian dessert will melt in your mouth! (1 pc. per pax)


Pineapple Kesari
(Exclusive for 6 pax orders and above)
A mildly sweet South Indian sweet of sooji (cream of wheat), fresh pineapple and healthy ghee(clarified butter).


Mini Idli Sambar / Millets Venpongal / Sambar / Moringa Leaves Multigrain Adai / Aviyal / Tomato Kara Chutney: MICROWAVE Heat in microwave for 30 seconds.
Vadai / Gulab Jamun / Thengai Chutney Serve at room temperature.