Birthday Western Feast


~ 5 course meal ~

King Crab
Alaskan King Crab is unparalleled in flavour. This fresh king crab is stewed in Chef KT’s flavourful buttery base sauce. The soft shell is easy to remove, and the sweet, tender meat is enhanced by the velvety butter sauce.

Slow-cooked Smoked Pork Ribs
Meat lovers will love these finger-licking smoked ribs! Imported pork spare ribs coated in an incredibly flavourful dry rub and glazed with an addictive savoury sauce, smoked low and slow to get the most tender and juicy meat that can be easily pulled off the bone.

Burrata Salad
An irresistibly flavourful salad of creamy burrata mozzarella cheese, garlic, and house-made balsamic vinegar dressing.

Brioche Bread
Fresh French bread enriched with eggs and butter. This delicious brioche bread made from scratch has a soft and airy texture with rich buttery flavours to complement its fluffy goodness.

Birthday Cake
You can’t have a birthday celebration without an irresistible birthday cake! This cake is not just a celebration of your loved one but a statement: it shows how much you care. Make this special day unforgettable with a luxurious birthday cake!