7-course Shaz’s Fusion by Chef Shaz


~ 7 course meal ~


Pandan Roti Kirai (5 pcs)

A renowned Malaysian dish, these lace-like crepes get their vibrant green colour from fragrant fresh pandan leaves mixed into the dough and cooked in a lace mould. It is served with the Chef’s creamy twist on a classic chicken curry or beef.

Chicken Risoles (Lumpia)

Spring rolls like of seasoned breast chicken, potatoes and carrots coated in breadcrumbs, fried till golden brown and served with the Chef’s special homemade sauce.

Lemper Chix

A popular Indonesian snack, this dish is made of steamed glutinous rice and a savoury shredded chicken filling wrapped in fragrant banana leaves.


SPLAT Sambal Goreng Pengantin Platter

A traditional festive Malay dish known for its tedious preparation work, this heirloom recipe brings you an authentic platter. 7 types of premium dishes consist of sweet and sour chicken and beef meat boiled for 1 1/2 hours and stir-fried in spicy rempah and coconut milk.

Beef Bomb

A savoury beef curry filling encased in chewy homemade bread dough and baked crispy golden brown, a guaranteed explosion of flavour. The five-spice Malay-style curry is a family recipe and complements the textures of bread perfectly.


Mango Glutinous Rice

A popular Southeast Asian dessert using the delicious combination of black sweetened glutinous rice, coconut milk and fresh mango cubes.

Longan Drink

A refreshing homemade brewed drink made from dried longans to go perfectly with your flavourful feast.