Nonyalicious Chinese New Year Feast


~ 7 course meal ~

Pork Belly Buah Keluak

(Black Nuts with Pork Belly)
In this staple Peranakan dish, the Buah Keluak nuts are individually picked, soaked for a few days, cracked open to scoop out the flesh, and stewed with tender pork belly & aromatic spices to create the rich paste. This recipe is one of the most labour intensive Peranakan dishes, perfect for a special occasion.

Nyonya Udang Masak Nanas
(Curry Pineapple Prawns)
A creamy gravy made with coconut milk simmered with homemade Nonya spices, juicy pineapple, and succulent fresh prawns. The golden pineapple in Hokkien symbolises wealth & prosperity. The prawn with head and tail brings laughter and good luck. The combined sweetness and tanginess of the dish make it an irresistible Chinese New Year meal.

Butterfly Flower Rice
(Blue Pea Rice)
Jasmine rice steamed with butterfly flower tea, blue pea, and lemongrass, which adds flavour, fragrance and a beautiful blue hue. This unique rice is known for its blue tint from the edible butterfly flower used in Nonya delicacies. 



Nyonya Chap Chai
(Stewed Mixed Vegetable)
A recipe enjoyed by Peranakans and locals alike, this dish is made of dried scallops, cabbage, lily buds, beancurd skin, black fungus, sliced pork belly, and succulent prawns in a flavourful prawn broth. A taste of this must-have traditional Nonya recipe will invoke the nostalgia of familiar flavours and comfort

Gwa Huay – Ngoh Hiang
(Crispy Fragrant Meat Roll)
A meat roll made of minced pork liver, crunchy water chestnuts, fresh prawns and spices rolled and fried in a beancurd sheet. This Peranakan favourite is known for the unique texture of the fried beancurd skin & the delicate taste of prawns which richly complement the Gwa Huay.


Hee Piow Th’ng
(Fish Maw & Crab Meatball Soup) 
A perfect celebratory treat, this Nonya dish uses fish maw and juicy crab meatballs. It has unique textures and relies on the homemade stock and meatball for its delicate flavours. This special soup is a must-have in Peranakan households during Lunar New Year.


Peach Gum Cheng Tng
(Peach Gum Sweet Dessert)
Welcome CNY with this nourishing and refreshing sweet dessert made using peach gum, red dates, dried longan, ginkgo nuts and wolfberries. The star ingredient, peach gum, is known for its natural collagen and promoting skin rejuvenation.


STOVETOP/STEAMER At the time of delivery, serve at room temperature. Leftovers can be refrigerated for up to 3 days, steam for 1-2 minutes before consuming.
MICROWAVE To warm, microwave on medium heat for 20-30 seconds. Let it sit for 1 minute before consuming.