Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (Ready to Heat)


Pot not included.

This ready-to-heat version of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is carefully blast frozen and vacuum-packed to capture the freshness and wonderful taste of our fine ingredients and can be heated and enjoyed at any time.

The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, otherwise known as Buddha’s Temptation or Happiness and Longevity, is a popular dish for Lunar New Year celebrations. This nutrient-rich hotpot is a luxury menu item that you usually have to pre-order from Chinese restaurants. But not anymore! Welcome the Year of the Tiger with Executive Chef KT Yeo’s Lunar New Year ready-to-heat Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. This soup is double-boiled and simmered for long hours with nutritious Chinese delicacies. It is then carefully vacuum packed with its naturally sweet flavourful broth and deep umami fragrance ready for hassle-free gourmet cooking – just heat and serve. This phenomenal nourishing soup is sure to impress at your reunion gatherings!

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall 

This exquisite Chinese speciality is made of various ingredients and requires a lot of preparation. The soup is boiled for hours with chicken bone, old hen, chicken feet, duck, dried scallops, Chinese ham, and pork bone, and then double-boiled with the staple ingredients of the dish such as abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, quail eggs, shiitake mushrooms, pork trotter and more. It is vacuum packed immediately after preparation and carefully sealed in a thermal packet to preserve its freshness. 


Method 1: Defrost and Heat up • Defrost.
• Place ingredients nicely into a pot, then pour soup into the pot and cover.
• Heat on low fire till ready.
• Plate and dig in!
Method 2: Simple Sous Vide (Simmer) • Add water in a pot and bring it to a gentle simmer (70-80 degrees Celsius).
• Immerse the frozen bag in the hot water for 5 mins (from chiller) or for 5 to 8 mins (from frozen) and set your timer.
• Plate and dig in!