Mid-Autumn Festival Delight Feast


~ 5 course meal ~

Chinese Garlic Chives with Smoked Duck Breast and Taro
This Mid-Autumn recipe is sure to remind you of home. The hollow stem of the fresh garlic chives and the smoked duck julienned(a cutting technique to create long, thin pieces) are stir-fried with soft taro cubes till semi-crisp.

Chinese-style Steamed Crab & Roe on Glutinous Rice
A family-style gourmet recipe, this Chinese seafood favourite is made with delicious crab roe, steamed whole Sri Lankan crab over a bed of perfectly cooked medium-grain glutinous rice on a lotus leaf, served in a Chinese bamboo steamer. The soft roe is packed with great flavour. Its pairing with the crab and rice only adds to the deliciousness of the dish.


Lotus Root Chips
Delicious and crunchy, these chips will be the talk of your intimate Mid-Autumn gathering! It is made from thinly sliced fresh lotus root seasoned with the Chef’s secret mix and deep-fried till perfectly golden brown and crispy.

Chinese tea jelly
A summer dessert with a Mid-Autumn twist, this refreshing sweet is made with Chinese tea leaves and agar-agar. The flavours of the Chinese tea are perfect for cooling down after a hearty feast!


Special Mid Autumn Bundle – 6 Pieces Snow Skin Moon Cakes by Chef Ablis and Premium Chinese Tea Leaves
A Mid-Autumn must-have, these vibrant snow skin mooncakes are moulded perfectly with delicious creamy fillings, including White Chrysanthemum with Red Dates, Blue Pea Yam, & Black Sesame with Salted Egg Yolk. This yummy set of mooncakes is artfully baked by chef Ablis, and is accompanied by your choice of Biluochun Tea or an in-house blend of Flower Tea.