Birthday Chinese Feast


~ 5 course meal ~

Garlic Chives with Julienned Smoked Duck Breast
This Chinese recipe is sure to remind you of home. The hollow stem of the fresh garlic chives and the smoked duck julienned (a unique cutting technique to create long, thin pieces) are stir-fried till semi-crisp.

Longevity Japanese Udon
A saucy noodle dish is a must for an at-home celebration. A Chinese twist on this Japanese dish, these flat soba noodles (which symbolise longevity) are tossed in a delicious garlicky-dark soy sauce mix.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall
Also called “Buddha’s Temptation”, this luxurious Chinese speciality consists of soup made with chicken bone, chicken feet, duck, Chinese ham, pork bone & more, boiled for hours to extract its natural flavours. The luxurious soup is then double-boiled with its staple ingredients such as abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, quail eggs, shiitake mushrooms, pork trotter and more. It is served in a keepsake clay pot.

Chinese Steamed Fish with Glutinous Rice
This aromatic dish is made with meaty pieces of fresh black cod (or sea bass) steamed with Chinese olives and preserved black beans over a bed of perfectly cooked medium-grain glutinous rice, served in a Chinese bamboo steamer. The olives and black beans form a great flavourful combination and complement the natural sweetness of steamed fish.

Longevity Birthday Buns
These soft & fluffy peach-shaped steamed buns are stuffed with a delicious white lotus seed paste filling. Wish them a long and happy life with these traditional Chinese Peach Buns!