Asian Vegetarian


~ 8 course meal ~


Nonya Achar Salad

A delicious mix of crunchy and juicy ingredients including fresh white radish, pineapple, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and green chilli padi seasoned sugar, salt and a touch of rice vinegar. This simple refreshing appetiser is filled with complex flavours that prepare your palate for the next course.


Steamed Roast “Chicken”

Succulent vegan “chicken” steamed with fresh ginger and roasted with a delicious marinade. The “chicken” is made of seitan, a high protein substitute made of wheat gluten, with layers of soybean skin to create the texture and taste of actual meat.

Old Melon & White Fungus Soup with Mixed Chinese Herbs

A nutritious soup made with old melon pieces, soft and juicy king oyster mushrooms, edible white fungus, and savoury vegetarian mushroom balls stewed in a stock of Chinese herbs – 老姜 old ginger, 蜜枣 candied dates, 玉竹 polygonatum, 党参 codonopsis and 黄芪 astragalus. The chef’s unique combination of herbs is boiled in water on low heat for one hour, creating a flavourful stock that is good for the body.

Fragrant Vegetarian Chicken Rice

Soft rice cooked in an aromatic blend of pandan leaves, margarine, sesame oil, mushroom powder, lemongrass and blue ginger, served with mock meat drumsticks and delicious homemade ginger sauce with fresh slices of cucumber and tomatoes. The ‘chicken’ drumstick used is mock white meat(seitan) cooked in a fragrant mix of lemongrass and old ginger before being deep-fried. This Hainanese chicken rice is a great vegetarian alternative that is just as flavourful as the original.

“Yuan Yang” Bean Curd with Seaweed and Black Shiitake Mushrooms

An aromatic stir-fry of soft deep-fried beancurd, sliced black shiitake mushrooms, dried mushrooms and seaweed in a savoury seasoning of ground pepper powder, sesame oil, and spicy Sichuan pepper powder.

Spicy Homemade Sambal Chilli with Vegetables

An explosive flavoursome dish combining the Chef’s homemade sambal belacan stir-fried with crunchy deep-fried okra, eggplants, ladyfingers and French beans. A mix of chillies, green apple, Chinese pear, fermented bean belacan and a few more ingredients are ground to a paste and cooked into the sambal belachan sauce, giving this recipe a spicy kick.

Sauté Seasonal Leafy Vegetables

Fresh green leafy vegetables seasoned with salt and pepper powder and sautéed.


Seasonal Fruits

A colourful assortment of tropical fruits for a taste of natural sweetness – the perfect way to end a feast!


Nonya Achar Salad/ Steamed Roast “Chicken”/ Fragrant Vegetarian Chicken Rice/ “Yuan Yang” Bean Curd with Seaweed and Black Shiitake Mushrooms/ Spicy Homemade Sambal Chilli with Vegetables/ Sauté Seasonal Leafy Vegetables: MICROWAVE Heat on medium for 2-3 minutes. Heat for an additional 1 minute if required.
Old Melon & White Fungus Soup with Mixed Chinese Herbs: MICROWAVE Heat on high for 2-3 minutes. Heat for an additional 1 minute if required.
Seasonal Fruits Serve at room temperature.