Mother’s Day Exclusive: Spiced Salmon Feast


~ 5 course meal ~


Mango & Chickpea/Moong Dal Salad

A nutritious salad of juicy mango, cooked chickpeas/moong dal, fresh zucchini, capsicum & apples, accompanied by flavourful fresh mint and date dressings.


Indian Spiced Salmon with Honey

Protein-rich salmon seasoned with a blend of Indian spices, lightly coated with honey and pan-grilled in the chef’s tangy homemade sauce.

Saffron Mushroom Pulao

An aromatic rice dish made of medium-grain Basmati rice, flavourful saffron, ghee(clarified butter), sliced mushrooms & a mix of spices.

Indian Masala Mutton Pie

A hearty pie with an Indian twist using juicy minced muttons, fresh mixed vegetables and potatoes in a variety of Indian spices encased in a homemade fried puff pastry.



A classic Indian festive dessert made of juicy cottage cheese soaked in thickened cream flavoured with saffron & chopped nuts.


Mango Chickpea/Moong Dal Salad Serve at room temperature.
Saffron Mushroom Pulao / Indian Masala Mutton Pie: MICROWAVE Heat at 160 watts for 30 seconds.
Indian Spiced Salmon with Honey: MICROWAVE Heat at 160 watts for 20 seconds.
Rasmalai Freeze for 10 minutes before serving.