An Arokia Idli Treat


~ 6 course meal ~


Thayir Vadai

This delicious South Indian dish can be enjoyed as an appetiser or snack. Made from a fluffy batter of black lentils(urad dal) and select spices, this savoury doughnut is deep-fried and soaked in a spicy yoghurt mixture with fresh coriander and grated carrots.


Finger Millet Idli (4 pcs per pax)

A healthy spin on the South Indian staple, these soft and fluffy steamed cakes are made from a rich batter of soaked and ground finger millets(ragi), rice, and black lentils(urad dal) fermented overnight. This recipe is rich in calcium & fibre, assisting in weight loss, diabetes, lower cholesterol, and cooling the body.

Toor Dal Sambar

A South Indian classic, this heirloom recipe of the renowned stew is made with pigeon pea lentils, onions, spring onions, a mix of fresh vegetables, tamarind, turmeric, ghee and a unique spice blend signature to the recipe. Chef Buni’s rendition is highly nutritious and rich in protein.

Thengai Chutney

A must-have accompaniment for idlis, this side dish is made by blending freshly-grated coconut and chillies, tempered with mustard seeds, dried chillies, and hing.

Peanut-Garlic Idli Podi

Another flavourful condiment that goes perfectly with idlis, this vibrant chutney powder is made of roasted peanuts, garlic cloves, a blend of freshly ground spices, and seasoned with cold-pressed sesame oil.


Rava Kesari

A sweet end to your feast, this saffron-based healthy pudding consists of roasted semolina(rava), brown sugar and roasted cashews. It is best eaten warm.


Finger Millet Idli/ Rava Kesar: MICROWAVE Heat at 160 watts for 20 seconds.
Toor Dal Sambar: MICROWAVE Heat at 350 watts for 30 seconds
Thengai Chutney/ Peanut-Garlic Idli Podi/ Thayir Vadai Serve at room temperature.