We can all agree that Chinese New Year in Singapore is unlike any other celebration. It’s one of time of year people from all over the nation, from different cultures, come together for the festivities. 

The Lunar New Year is an important event in Chinese culture. This season makes the beginning of a new year according to the lunar calendar, and the beginning of Spring. The vibrant red lanterns and ang baos, the Mandarin oranges, delicious goodies and extravagant ‘lucky’ feasts are defining characteristics of the preparations to welcome the coming year with hope. 

Feast at Home 

Reunion dinners were traditionally celebrated at home. It signified a family’s homage to its ancestors by gathering together on Chinese New Year eve. It is the one time all family members gather to feast and drink without fail. However, in Singapore, this tradition has seen a change as eating out for Chinese New Year is becoming popular. Due to this, restaurants have become very competitive in their offerings with various sets and packages for different budgets. 

5-Course Feastbox by Chef KT Yeo featuring Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, Sichuan 'Mouth-Watering' Chicken, and more.

5-Course Feastbox by Chef KT Yeo featuring Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, Sichuan ‘Mouth-Watering’ Chicken, and more.

In 2021, the celebrations are different. As we continue to fight against the pandemic, we’ve had to adjust and create new ways to enjoy these festivities. Considering the current situation, staying in is a safe and responsible option. Take your celebration indoors by making Chinese New Year at home a lot more personal with delicious gourmet food. Connect with your family members and catch up on all the family gossip while fighting for the last piece of those tasty dumplings. Toss to prosperity and yell out your affirmations without worries of bothering the next table. With a lush spread of Chinese dishes and your loved ones around the table in the most comfortable place you know – your home; you’ve got everything to start the new year filled with hope for a prosperous future. 

Why cook? Get your feast delivered!

Chinese New Year feasts are lavish and require A LOT of time and effort. It’s no easy feat, especially since these dishes aren’t ordinary. Each dish on the menu is symbolic in bringing luck and prosperity. This year, sit back and enjoy, leave the cooking to us! Exchange red packets and enjoy quality time with your family at home as you indulge in a gourmet spread of traditional Chinese recipes made with premium ingredients. 

Esseplore has specially designed gastronomical Chinese New Year menus by our Le Cordon Bleu-trained Executive Chef KT Yeo curated to bring good luck, happiness and prosperity. His luxurious Chinese New Year specials, that serves up to 10 persons, consist of his famed signature recipes including smoked salmon and abalone Double Prosperity Lo-Hei and Sichuan ‘Mouth Watering’ Chicken made from fresh Sichuan peppercorns. 

This Chinese delicacy is a reunion dinner must-have. Surprise your family with Chef KT’s premium Buddha Jumps Over the Wall – a dish that’s rarely delivered! It comes in a beautiful keepsake clay pot with many high-quality ingredients like abalone, sea cucumbers, fish maw, quail eggs, pork trotters and more. You can order this opulent meal á la carte or with bountiful 6-Course feasts of your choice. This new year, forget the tiresome long hours and enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience with this lovingly curated treasure pot of the famous Pen Cai! This gourmet Cantonese speciality is homemade and delicately vacuum packed by our talented Chef Steve Yap, who brings together premium ingredients and natural sauces in this luxurious dish. It is delivered frozen, so all you have to do is follow the easy cooking instructions by Chef Steve Yap and dig in! 

We can’t forget our exclusive CNY goodies. Featuring delicious Salted Egg Almond Cookies and Apricot-Pumpkin Seed Biscotti by Chef Florence and crunchy Smoked Teriyaki Nuts by Chef Jimmy, these goodies are a great gift for the season. Surprise your family, friends and colleagues or treat yourself to the yummy goodness of these baked goods.

And this is just the beginning! Check out our exclusive collection of Chinese New Year special menus for your whole family only on https://www.esseplore.cooking/collections/chinese-new-year-feasts

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