Food delivery services have been a gamechanger for the industry, but the term ‘Cloud Kitchen’, though often associated with it, is only being recognized now. However, the popularity of cloud kitchens in Singapore has been years in the making.  

What is A Cloud Kitchen? 

A cloud kitchen is a fully-equipped kitchen space used for the delivery-only business model. This space functions just like any restaurants’ kitchen and sometimes, see multiple brands working out of the same kitchen. It’s easy to confuse cloud kitchens and virtual restaurants as they are very similar; the big difference being that cloud kitchens don’t necessarily represent any brand, but virtual restaurants only exist virtually. 

This concept has thrived off of the digital age and the growing demand for convenience. With the rapid rise of food-delivery ventures and apps, cloud kitchens are considered a great stepping stone into the F&B industry for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  It’s relatively cheaper with lower risks as opposed to the general brick-and-mortar. Several restaurants have also branched out into this venture. Third-party delivery companies like Uber Eats and Deliveroo are virtual businesses that connect restaurants with the e-facility.   

How Does it Relate to Esseplore? 

Esseplore's FeastBox Packed and Ready For Delivery

Esseplore’s FeastBox Packed and Ready For Delivery

Esseplore is one of the many companies that operate out of a cloud kitchen or cloud kitchen. Using the delivery-only model, we have been able to provide a space and a platform that allows our home chefs and private chefs a chance to follow their passion and share it with the people of Singapore. This expansion from home dining began with the hope of helping local businesses and small entrepreneurs who have been affected by the ongoing pandemic. With initiatives like FeastBox and Urbane Gourmand (gourmet food boxes for corporate gatherings), the chefs of Esseplore create bespoke culinary experiences with the best kitchen tools and facilities from our cloud kitchen on McNair Road.  With state-of-the-art equipment, the McNair kitchen house multiple cuisines.

Check out our array of FeastBox for family night-in, and our Urbane Gourmand boxes for your corporate and virtual gatherings!

Singapore is every foodie’s dreamland. Since COVID-19 hit, dining out hasn’t been able to regain its status with more and more people preferring to stay-in, affecting many restaurants other than those with the capability of shifting to the virtual side. Cloud kitchens work perfectly considering the uncertainty of current times. With its steady demand, the future for cloud kitchens looks very bright.   

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