It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season comes with a rush of different feelings, especially this year. For many of us who are lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends, this year taught us how special our times together are. As a company that believes that food can change the world, we encourage feasting together. Enjoy sumptuous feasts with your loved ones at home with Esseplore; our gourmet feasts elevate any occasion and every celebration. Create a gourmet experience suited to your tastes with some of the new menus that you HAVE to try out! 

Chefs Andrew & Sandy’s Hairy Crab Indulgence  

Delicious gourmet Chinese delicacy, Hairy crab or Chinese mitten crab

The Hairy Crab or Chinese mitten crab is a prized delicacy in the Chinese cuisine. It is only available in the autumn season for roughly two months a year. Traditionally eaten steamed with vinegar and ginger, these crabs are known for their sweetness and creamy golden roe. In a limited-edition collaboration with Feastbox, Chefs Andrew and Sandy are bringing this decadent meal right to your doorstep. Served with vinegar and slices of ginger, these freshly caught hairy crabs are meticulously cleaned and skillfully steamed till the meat is soft and juicy. Choose between male and female crabs or both. To complement this luxurious spread, Esseplore offers you complimentary Ginger Tea. With its many cooling properties, it perfectly balances the heat from the succulent crab flesh. A one-of-a-kind offer, enjoy this gourmet setup for a discounted price of $198 only! Order the Hairy Crab Indulgence today on Esseplore.

Chef Jimmy’s Kansas City-style BBQ Smoked feast and All-American BBQ Brisket Platter

Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs with a velvety brown glaze of homemade smoque BBQ sauce

There’s just something about BBQ that makes it irresistible. The flavours, textures and the quantity form a delectable combination and our latest feasts check all these boxes. A qualified Kansas City BBQ Judge and pitmaster, Chef Jimmy surely knows his way around smokers and grills. In his Kansas City-style feast, the bold Kansas flavours shine in the Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs. Made from imported pork spare ribs coated with a special dry rub overnight, these ribs are smoked with American applewood and glazed with a 14-ingredient homemade smoque BBQ sauce to a tender finish.

Classic Beef Brisket with a beautiful dark brown, charred exterior

No barbeque feast is complete without a Beef Brisket. In the All-American BBQ Brisket Platter, this mouth-watering dish consists of a USDA brisket, trimmed from unwanted fats, applied with a special dry-rub overnight and smoked with American hickory wood to a flavourful tender finish. The amazing thing about these feasts is the homemade smoque BBQ sauce. This unique sauce, particular to barbeque recipes as a complement for the meat, is made from tomato sauce and spices that make it sweet and smoky. Find out more about having a barbeque at home here.

Chef Bryan’s Western Truffle Delight   

A gourmet dish of Truffle Sakura Whole Chicken with fresh bicolour corn, broccoli and carrots

When we claim restaurant-quality food, we mean it! Bryan Chong is a highly accomplished chef in the Singapore culinary scene, and Western cooking is just one of his many specialities. In his debut feast, enjoy the flavour of the gourmet truffle. Truffles are prized in the culinary world, and there are rules on how to make use of its flavour. In his innovative Truffle Sakura Whole Chicken, the black truffle is brined over four hours and made into a paste, which is lightly applied on free-range sakura whole chicken (without growth hormones or antibiotics). The chicken is then roasted till golden brown and tender. This feast is perfect for an intimate celebration as well as a festive gathering. Order this tantalising delight only on Esseplore.

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