6-course Lunar Prosperity Feast


~ 6 course meal ~

Signature Double Prosperity Yusheng
Handcrafted yusheng made with a variety of shredded premium vegetables, slices of smoked salmon, and a tangy plum sauce, ready for your prosperity toss. Chef KT Yeo’s Yusheng is a delicious way to invoke hope and good fortune for the future.

Yusheng Add-ons: Sashimi-grade Salmon (100g) / Toro Sashimi (100g) + Gold Flakes
Elevate your Yusheng for the complete gourmet experience! Add delicious Sashimi-grade Salmon (100g) or delectable Toro Sashimi (100g), which uses sliced sustainable Bluefin Tuna Otoro (belly cut) garnished with luxurious, shimmery edible gold leaf flakes.

Traditional Chicken Abalone Soup
A luxurious soup boiled over 8 hours with organic whole chicken, fresh abalones, old fowl, dried conch and dried scallops. It is packed with the natural seafood flavour of the abalone and the tenderness of the chicken. This umami-rich soup is essential to complete your Reunion dinner.

Scallops Lotus Stir Fried Blessings
Glutinous Rice
Perfectly cooked sticky glutinous rice stir-fried with Japanese shiitake mushrooms and premium dried scallops, then wrapped in lotus leaves together with Hokkaido scallops and steamed to perfection.

Important Note: Do not place the Chicken Abalone soup pot directly on open fire.

Speciality Fragrant Sichuan Prawns 
Succulent jumbo prawns with shell pan-fried with a flavourful homemade sweet and savoury Sichuan sauce. The secret to the natural sweetness of this delicious dish is shelled prawns.

Double Happiness Garlic Chives
with Smoked Duck
This Chinese recipe is sure to remind you of home. The hollow stem of the fresh garlic chives and the smoked duck julienned (a unique cutting technique to create long, thin pieces) are stir-fried till semi-crisp.

Chef Kt Yeo’s Special Peach Gum Dessert
with Chinese Red Dates & Longan
This refreshing Chinese dessert is perfect to end your traditional feast. Made with Chinese peach gum, Chinese red dates, and longan, this sweet dish is slowly simmered until it becomes soft & jelly-like.


MICROWAVE/STOVE TOP Microwave for 3 minutes OR place in a pot, cover pot with lid over medium fire for 4 minutes.