Celebrate with our Christmas Festive Feast

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Plan A Feast with Singapore’s Best Local Chefs!

Spontaneity may not be for everyone, but planning surely is! Plan your feasts ahead of time with Feastbox by Esseplore.

Feastbox is our initiative to help support local businesses and culinary entrepreneurs tide over these tough times.

Our feasts are made with the goodness and love only achieved by Singapore’s best local chefs. They come together to bring to you feasts fit for kings! We have great quality chefs that specialize in multiple cuisines from all over the world, who have perfected their culinary skills into an art form.

So, whether it’s date night or family fun night, let our chefs prepare your next celebration!

All our chefs are certified by the Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures and their kitchens have been audited by a certified Food Hygiene Auditor.

Christmas Festive Feast

Looking to throw an intimate party at home this festive season?
Try our Feastbox Christmas Set that will leave your guests wanting more.

Featuring a choice of our tantalizing mean options of Turkey, Ham or Beef Brisket as your main. Accompanied by delicious sides such as our Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Truffle & Grana Padano and Baby Potato Salad, Bacon with Vinaigrette Dressing and top it off with a Christmas Cake!

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Santorini Extravagance

Miss Tan Joon YangThe Seafood-Lover Family, Chef Shirley Goh

Great taste and packaging.
I bought for my friend's family. They like it very much.

EricFresh Kelong Seafood, Chef Andrew & Sandy

Freshness of the flower crab!!!
The flower crab were fresh and tasty.

AlfredDinner Date At Home (Beef), Chef Danny Tan

We enjoyed the good food. Some garnishing like cherry potatoes, greens, pickles would enhance the presentation.

Choon Chai TanFam-tastic Dinner at Home, Chef Danny Tan

Really nice feast n the packaging reflects all your attention to details!

Roshni VenkateshTraditional Taste of India, Chef Ashish Poddar

The food was delicious, well made and wholesomely cooked.

Meet the Chefs

Chef Yeo Kian Tiong
Chef Latha Chandrasekaran
Chef  Terrian
Chef  Bryan
Chefs Andrew & Sandy
Chefs Alan & Christina
Chef Wendy Quek
Chef Sky Li
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