“Your diet is a bank account.  Good food choices are good investments”- Bethenny Frankel. 

Ever walked the animated dazzling Clarke Quay in Singapore and not noticed food?  Impossible, isn’t it? Well, that’s because Singapore loves food and food loves Singapore.  The versatility of the food is mind boggling, reflecting the importance of the food culture and the many nationalities that live there.  All over the world food has emerged as a driver for change in health and nutrition and lifestyle habits.  We at Esseplore have taken the lead to emerge as a pioneer in changing food practices.  We want to change the way you eat.  We want to dish what you relish.  Today, in the conversation are 3 dishes that Singapore has made its own.  These dishes rule our menus.  Whether it’s blasted in nutrition, baked to perfection or bundled with the umami flavour, these dishes are to die for.  


This dish is originally a beef hot pot originating from the Kanto region of eastern Japan.  Initially cooked with Welsh onions and miso, the Gyudon has evolved with several variations made to the recipe since the 1800s. In the aftermath of the Kanto Earthquake of 1923, Gyudon transcended class boundaries to receive Gourmet status.   

At Esseplore, it is Gourmet at its finest. Naturally, packed with umami, this is a Classic Japanese comfort food made to perfection with a short plate of beef simmered with onions.  It’s a popular dish with house-made seasoning of light & dark soya sauce and oyster sauce.  This combination gives it a savoury-sweet taste that is luscious. It is no wonder that Singaporeans love this dish.  

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Baked Salmon

We all know that the world loves Salmon, craves it even and chefs have played to this palate.  Today, we have several sophisticated creations that woo the food connoisseur just at sight.  Dishes, like Gravlax, which is basically raw salmon cured in salt or Lox, which is another type of cured fillet, sliced thin, is served with extravagant accompaniments are popular choices.  But the baked Salmon is what Singapore has made its very own. Singaporeans know their fillet.  Our fillet at Esseplore is just perfect. Delicate but perfect. 

At Esseplore, it’s a meal fit for royalty; this is an appetizing Omega-rich meal that’s meant to please. It is naturally filled with the goodness of umami making it a suitable healthy alternative.   At Esseplore, our sashimi grade salmon fillets are farm fresh and cooked to perfection.  Evenly cooked with miso-butter mix, it is served with assorted fresh veggies. Succulent and just heavenly. 

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Beef stew   

Believe it or not, in ancient times, stew was cooked directly in the animal’s paunch.  Do you know that the world’s oldest known evidence of stew was found in Japan dating to the Jomon period (pre-historical)? 

At Esseplore, we have mastered the right technique to give you a flavoursome stew.  Beef stew is an inviting dish with a deep rich flavour.  It’s got the essence of home, it’s got the taste of umami, absolutely delish and piquant. It’s not surprising, considering it’s prepared with beef chunks that are marinated overnight.  It’s not a solo beef dish, accompanied with sauteed vegetables and aromatic spices, this stew is absolutely to die-for! Why not? It’s slow cooked in homemade beef stock with lots of love and care.  The right touch of home, comforting and perfectly yum-yum. 

If you haven’t tried any of this, you are definitely missing something.  Get rid of that FOMO feeling, hang up your apron and give us a call.  We will offer you a dish with the right calorie count, the perfect balance of flavour and just the right amount of that 5th taste to tingle your taste buds. 

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P:S – Umami is trending as the fifth taste.   


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