It’s no secret that Singaporeans love food. And it’s not just about eating. Since the pandemic, people have embraced the beautiful craft of cooking with home-based food businesses on the rise. If the first part sounds like you and you’re looking to sell food from home but don’t know where to start, here’s what you need to know.

Who is a home chef? Can I be a home chef?   

A home chef is someone who uses cooking from home as a business to earn an income. You could even call them foodpreneurs or culinary entrepreneurs.   

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Of course, all you need is a sincere love for good quality food, an uncontainable passion for cooking and a little entrepreneurial spirit.  

How do I start my food business from home?

Here’s where you need to get technical. In Singapore, you don’t need a culinary degree or license to start your home-based business, but you do need to familiarise yourself with the rules. A great place to start would be The Home-Based Small Scale Business Scheme by the Housing and Development Board. This scheme allows you to start your own food business from home, provided that you strictly follow their guidelines. This means that you will have a limit on advertising, the number of orders and staff working for you. Along with that, you’ll also have to meet the requirements set by the Singapore Food Agency, for food safety and hygiene, and the Fire Safety and Shelter Department.   

The next step is to get your Food Safety Certification. It isn’t compulsory, but it is highly recommended. You can find SSG-approved training providers here and apply for the course. It contains both written and practical assessments to ensure that you are informed of all food and beverage hygiene practices.    

Are there any easy ways I can start out? 

Whether you’re an accomplished chef looking to shift from the restaurant or looking to do something with your hobby, starting a business from home can be scary and quite heavy on your wallet. Good quality packaging materials and ingredients are enough to cost a small fortune, plus there are so many other things to focus on such as target audience, research, marketing etc. It could be a while before you actually start selling your food. That’s why partnering with a platform for home chefs like Esseplore is the easy and best way to start.

Become a home chef in Singapore with Esseplore

Esseplore provides an online platform for home chefs to start selling food from home without worrying about extra costs. Esseplore is a food-tech company dedicated to delivering high quality authentic homecooked meals. 

What are the benefits of joining a platform for home chefs? 

A home-based food business can be heavy on your wallet. By joining a platform for home chefs, you could take majority of the hassles like delivery, branding, marketing out of your equation. With Esseplore, you can skip these steps and start earning right away. Here are some of the benefits:    

  •   Culinary Guidance – Exclusive guidance from Executive Chef KT Yeo and resident Chef Eugene Gan  
  •   Packaging Settled – Strong, heat-resistant and eco-friendly packaging for your food  
  •   Leave the Marketing to the team – No worries on having your own website or for marketing on social media and search engines like Google.  
  •   100% Freedom to curate your own menus – No limitations on dishes.  
  •   Only pay for your ingredientsNo need to pay for anything else 
  •   Have control over your schedule – Flexible dates and timing by blocking out dates based on availability 
  •   More for your buck – Get exposure to a larger audience

What’s more, Esseplore also provides you with various opportunities, such as being featured in food campaigns, catering an event or learning the basics of private dining experience.  

How can I get started with Esseplore? fill the Esseplore form and become a home chef in Singapore

The process is easy and quick! Simply fill in the form on the website to set up a meeting with Esseplore’s Chef Recruitment Officer (CRO). Following this, a tasting session will be scheduled. Here’s where you can dazzle; make sure to curate a menu that you would like to wow your audience with – it can be any cuisine, family recipes and even fusion dishes.

To become a member of the team, a Food Safety Certification is a must. If you meet Esseplore’s food and kitchen quality standards, you’ll have officially joined the home chefs community. You will work closely with the CRO and resident chefs to get your menu ready to start selling homemade food online. Then, all you have to do is wait for your first order as a home chef!

Looking to turn your passion into a home-based business? Join our Home Chef Community here!   



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