Singapore is a country every gastronome dream of visiting. As it continues to take cautionary steps to open up, the prospects of dining out remain uncertain. Let’s face it, dining out is never going to be the same again.  People are still apprehensive about going back to normal; to a time social distancing, wearing masks and washing your hands more times than you can count wasn’t compulsory. Restaurants are either opening up or have opened up with these restrictions in mind. With heavy measures taken to ensure the safety of diners and staff, it shows how much a simple activity like eating out has changed. Though Singaporeans have embraced this new way of life, many restaurant businesses continue to follow the popular and successful home-delivery model. 

Gourmet Dining at Home 

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Food delivery had been on a steady rise before the pandemic. Though it has been affected as well, it was able to bounce back quicker by adopting compulsory safety measures for kitchen and delivery staff. Fine dining establishments have also come a long way since the coronavirus outbreak. Many gourmet restaurants and private catering businesses have successfully incorporated this service into their daily operations, providing consumers with the option of dining in or enjoying a curated gourmet experience at home. Adopting this new perspective naturally came with struggles. Restaurateurs were forced to get creative and explore outside of their domains. This includes designing menus with time-sensitive ingredients, presentation and packaging, reliable and efficient delivery services and more. While they continue to navigate this new aspect, the public has embraced the idea of enjoying a gourmet experience at home. By letting customers take part in crafting this culinary experience to suit their tastes such as ambience and decor, they are led on a gastronomical journey that they can proudly claim as partly theirs.    

Esseplore is no stranger to gourmet dining. As a business that was able to adapt to its circumstances, our aim remains the same: to provide the option of enjoying authentic gourmet spreads with partners, friends, and family at home. At a time when local businesses and culinary entrepreneurs were struggling, Esseplore came up with an initiative that would not only help these practices but also encourage locals to stand in support of their fellow Singaporeans. With our team of talented home chefs and private chefs, we have been able to bring gourmet meals from various cuisines to your doorstep through FeastBox. Expanding to Urbane Gourmand has been a creative business initiative that allowed us to provide similar services as corporate catering for virtual gatherings as well. Curated by our chefs and guided by Executive Chef KT Yeo, these menus have designed for customers to enjoy a restaurant-worthy gastronomical experience at the comforts of their home. To know more about our services, visit and 

Many restaurateurs believe that dining out will not be completely wiped out. With safety measures already implemented to cope with the ongoing pandemic, restaurants have been putting up a fair fight. However, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a setback for the industry but could also provide growth opportunities no one saw coming. Uncertainty isn’t unheard of in the business. It’s something to be expected. Complete recovery may take a while, but how many culinary businesses were able to adapt only show one thing: the future of gourmet dining looks hopeful.   

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